Meeting "The Watchers" During a Heroic Dose

This is a fun episode, where Sacha Hebbert gets into the wild and life-changing mushroom trip of Leah Babroudi. She encountered "The Watchers", and other beings that showed her what her life purpose was and left her with some responsibilities.

This is a fun episode, where Sacha Hebbert gets into the wild and life-changing mushroom trip of Leah Babroudi. She encountered "The Watchers", and other beings that showed her what her life purpose was and left her with some responsibilities.

Episode Summary

First, Sacha and Leah dive into who “The Watchers” are, and the other beings Leah claims to have encountered during a hero dose of psilocybin. We then unpack some of the meaningful and healing messages that were gleaned as an alien with a mushroom head revealed Leah’s soul to her.

Sacha: Leah came to Psychedelic Spotlight through an email after we put a call out to those who had had interesting mystical experiences while on psychedelics. And Leah’s story was just too good to put into a little snippet of an article.

We actually had to get her on the podcast and have her tell her story to our audience. So you said you had an experience where you basically met some beings. Can you take us through that journey a little bit and describe what it was like to meet “The Watchers”?

Leah: Hmm, Yes. So basically I decided to take 4.12 g of Penis Envy, which is a pretty potent mushroom strain. And at the time, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I felt confident because I had some experience with it. I definitely would not recommend that dosage for beginners at all.

I decided to make a tea out of it and I mixed it with some lemon and I didn’t eat anything for four hours prior. I only had a bar. So I was already nauseous while drinking it. But, you know, you can’t really have food in your stomach beforehand because it has to pass through your digestive system. And I was ready to get some messages from the universe. You know, it was a transition period of my life. I just wanted some direction for my purpose.

I said, “Show me what I need to see. Tell me what I need to hear.” That’s all I really asked for.

Sacha: So you were totally open. You were just, “I’m just ready for some new guidance here, whatever it is.” Now. Have you done any microdoses or smaller amounts of psilocybin in the past?

Leah: I was doing more around a gram and above, I actually didn’t microdose until after that big experience. But yeah, so I decided to drink this tea and 20 minutes in, I already started feeling cold and shaky, my hands getting sweaty and I was like,” Oh I took a lot.”

So I went up to my room, put on a bunch of layers, got in my bed, made myself all cozy and warm and was low key freaking out because I was by myself as well.
You know, I don’t recommend it but I thought, you know, this was going to be like a magical, very personal experience and I didn’t want anyone else’s influence on it.

Sacha: So, wow, you are a brave girl.

Leah: Yeah, I realized 4g all by yourself in your room is a lot. There’s a reason why you don’t recommend that, okay? I don’t recommend it.
So my hallucinations started kicking in really fast and, you know, you have to pee at a certain point and I was like, “Oh, well, I’m gonna gain all my strength here.” I was gripping onto the walls. I was very off balance. I got to the bathroom, I had to throw up because it was so intense and that’s when it started going really downhill because I was like, I just want this to end. This is awful. I just basically poisoned myself, you know, like what did I do?

And it really feels like you’re in one of those movies where they try to portray what this majestic trip is like. And you’re like,” Whoa.”

But yeah, I make it back into my room and I say, ” I just have get through this. I took some shrooms, I’ll be fine. I’m not gonna die.”

So I laid there and then my room started swallowing itself and that’s when I really started freaking out. It was mostly a bubble. And so I decided to close my eyes. And the second I closed my eyes, I ended up in this golden temple and there was a bunch of tables chairs, and there were beings sitting there and then the second I closed my eyes, they immediately snapped their necks to look at me like I just interrupted their meeting.

Sacha: Whoa, okay. I want to slow down for a minute here and really get that immersive experience.

So basically eyes, open ships going crazy. The world is turning inside out. It’s like one of those psychedelic posters. You close your eyes and are you telling me that it was like perfectly crystal clear vision? You basically like teleported into a room that you might not have been invited to?

Leah: Yes.

Sacha: Okay. And what did it sound like?

Leah: I don’t remember any of the sounds because I was literally there for two seconds because immediately when I realized what just happened, I opened my eyes, I was like, what was that? You know?

And so those beings I was watching later on, I watched on Gaia which is like a spiritual Netflix. I love it. And in one of the episodes I was watching, they were talking about these cave paintings from Australia, I don’t know, really, really old. And when I saw the image, my heart dropped, the cave painting was of the same beings I saw in my trip. And they said that this is their representation of spirits also known as “The Watchers”.

Now, I still got to do a lot more research on what “The Watchers” are. But I know that they’re a different type of higher dimensional being, definitely a type of spirit bodies. But, I mean, the fact that I just closed my eyes and I ended up in that realm is very interesting.

Sacha: So, Leah, I’m interested in this. So you say it was the indigenous people of Australia that had these cave paintings? And so if you just like Google “The Watchers”, a lot of different stuff comes up and like, aside from the comic book characters and stuff that you’ll see first, “The Watchers”, they have this serious like origin from the book of Enoch, the book of Daniel, you’ll see them in different religious or ancient texts that describe basically that show “Ancient Aliens” basically talking about the Sumerians and the anarchy, which like are an extraterrestrial group of beings that came and shared knowledge with, you know, us plebe humans and helped us to become more technologically advanced.

So, are we talking about the same “Watchers”, you think?

Leah: Yes, I think so. My interest for all this stuff really opened up after I had this experience and I’ve been trying to get as much information from a bunch of different sources, but I definitely do think it’s related, which goes on to another thing. I saw another type of being, which is also related to the Anu Naki apparently. But once I closed my eyes again, after I was in that temple, a big silver door appeared and I was like, “Oh okay, I’m going to enter it, you know, what is that?”

And four or five beings were standing there and they were shining this beautiful white aura that was basically blinding me even though my eyes were closed. But I was consciously viewing them somehow and they say that those could have been “The Shining Ones” which is also, you know, talked a lot about in those texts.

And I think they helped humanity in the same way that “The Watchers” did. They’re just like a different type of entity, but out of the corner of my eye, another being showed up and this time it had a mushroom head and a humanoid body.

Sacha: Describe this mushroom head. You have describe the mushroom head. Like, I mean, was it like an amanita muscaria? Was it a glowing mushroom? What did it look like?

Leah: It was brown, like a generic looking mushroom, you know, just regular,  like a bonnet mushroom, which was funny but it had to really familiarize and the second I looked into the eyes, I just felt this overwhelming sense of peace just like it took over me.

And I was like,” Oh you got me.” You know, and it reached out its hand and it said, “Let me show you.”

Sacha: Alright. I love the mushroom man. Let’s follow him.

Leah: Okay. Yeah. So then it took me to this big beautiful dark flower. It had really long petals that were wavy, they could curl up. It had orange light in the center of it. And it said, “This is your soul. You are an eternal being and I’m gonna show you why you attach yourself to people.”

And I was like, “What?” And this is the time that I was experiencing some break up feelings. You know, I was having a hard time loving myself because of it. I took it way too personally. And I was suffering through that for about six months.

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