Roland Griffiths, Honorable Researcher Who Catalyzed the Psychedelic Renaissance, Dies at 77

Roland Griffiths, Honorable Researcher Who Catalyzed the Psychedelic Renaissance, Dies at 77

Roland Griffiths' trailblazing work in the psychedelics field has left an indelible imprint, inspiring a brand new generation of researchers to further explore these substances' potential to replace or to improve on conventional mental health treatments.
Psychedelic Conference in Vancouver

Vancouver Has Been Doing Psychedelics Longer Than Your Mom

During the 1960s, Vancouver had a cultural shift; Vancouver's West End quickly became a vibrant hub that embraced rebellion against societal norms. As the Summer of Love captivated the youth of the United States, Vancouver also became an…
Why Do Shrooms Make You Yawn

Experiencing Excessive Yawning Before a Come-Up? You're Not Alone

Yawning is most commonly observed during the come-up phase when your digestive system is actively converting the ingested psilocybin into psilocin, the compounds responsible for inducing psychedelic effects.

5 Psychedelic Documentaries to Rent That Aren't Fantastic Fungi

Ready to take a cinematic trip? Explore our curated list of lesser-known, yet mind-expanding psychedelic movies and deepen your journey.
Under the guidance of psychiatrist Franz Vollenweider and Zen master Vanja Palmers, a group of first-time psychedelic users received psilocybin on the final day of a 5-day meditation retreat.

Monks on Mushrooms: ‘Descending the Mountain’ Pairs Zen with Psychedelics

"Descending the Mountain" is one of the best documentaries about psychedelics since "Fantastic Fungi."
Newsmax Anchor Blames Aaron Rodgers Injury on Psychedelic DrugsShutterstock

Newsmax Anchor Blames Aaron Rodgers Injury on Psychedelic Drugs

A conservative media personality uses the quarterback's injury as an excuse to rant against ayahuasca, which he deems "a crummy substitute for God."
Psychedelic Halloween

Psychedelic Halloween: Shopping Guide for Psychonauts

Boo! Did we catch you off guard? Good, because this Halloween, we're pushing the boundaries to give you a psychedelic Halloween like no other! Time is ticking, folks—you've got just one month left to gather your supplies, so consider this…
MISTERCAP Mushroom Products

Wiz Khalifa: From Hip-Hop to Cannabis and Mushroom Products

Explore how Wiz Khalifa is diversifying his portfolio from hip-hop and cannabis to the burgeoning world of mushroom products, and what this could mean for the future of psychedelic legalization.
7 Easy Meditations to Complement Your Microdosing Regimen

6 Easy Meditations to Complement and Enhance Your Microdosing Regimen

In recent years, the mental health and cognitive benefits of psilocybin have become increasingly evident. The new psychedelic revolution has put psilocybin mushrooms at the forefront of conversations regarding new, more effective treatments…

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