Ann Arbor Michigan Decriminalizes Psychedelics

Ann Arbor Michigan Decriminalizes Psychedelics

Ann Arbor Michigan, home to Big 10 college football at the University of Michigan, is now about to become another big designation — the city is taking a substantial stance in favor of psychedelic substances. The Ann Arbor City Council voted…
Psychedelic-Friendly ‘Initiative 81’

Psychedelic-Friendly ‘Initiative 81’ Plants Roots in D.C. November Ballot

Each day millions of Americans sit in front of their screens and wonder, what’s next? What more could 2020 possibly have up its sleeve? Fortunately for us shroomies, it’s good news because Washington D.C. is one step closer to potentially…
Denver's ‘Magic’ Mushroom Law

Denver’s ‘Magic’ Mushroom Law: What You Need to Know

Mushrooms are experiencing a renaissance. Or, rather, they’re now prototypes, paving paths as tools for everything from sustainable meat to animal-free leather. Now a few cities are decriminalizing magic mushrooms as psilocybin’s medicinal…