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Can Psychedelics Help Treat Eating Disorders?

Psychedelics have been touted for their untapped therapeutic potential. Recent clinical trials have shown that they can help treat depression, OCD, alcoholism, and even help to kick the habit. Now, a new study released from Imperial College might have found yet another group of clinical issues that psychedelics can help treat: eating disorders. Disorders like bulimia nervosa […]

Psychedelics and Neuroplasticity: Molding a New Way of Thinking

Can psychedelics improve neuroplasticity in the brain? Psychedelics are making a comeback. Over the past decade we have seen some unprecedented results in modern psychiatry. From psilocybin treating depression, to LSD treating alcoholism. It’s been a fascinating journey so far into how psychedelic compounds can be so useful in treating many mental afflictions. While psychological […]

Psychedelics and the Search for Self Consciousness

In September of 1848, a group of construction workers were tamping down blasting powder with 3cm thick iron rods when an accident sent a rod through the skull of the foreman, Phineas Gage. The rod entered the roof of his mouth and exited through his frontal lobe with immense force. Thirty minutes after the incident […]