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Our mission is to help people obtain a reliable source for the latest stories in the emerging psychedelics industry, covering breakthrough discoveries, investor news and cultural reform.

Psychedelics are creating a wellness revolution and an industry with unprecedented opportunity.

Our goal is to cover the latest stories in the emerging psychedelics industry including breakthrough discoveries, investor news and cultural reform, to develop a powerful and intuitive network for collaboration with industry leaders, researchers and investors who are transcending the way the world regards what is possible in mental health, the mind and human consciousness.

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David Flores

Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of California, David has served as the CEO of Psychedelic Spotlight and its parent company, PSYC Corporation (“PSYC”), since July 2020. 

His career path over the past 10 years has been primarily focused within the legal, finance, and public market sectors. Prior to joining PSYC as an officer and director in June 2018, David co-owned and operated a boutique public and investor relations firm based in Las Vegas, NV where he had the opportunity of working with various small cap and early stage companies in emerging markets such as green energy and cannabis. His early professional experience also includes working in finance for law firms such as Greenberg Glusker LLP and Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP.

A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, David currently resides in West Linn, OR with his partner and their Yorkshire terrier.

Greg Gilman

Lead Copy Editor

Greg Gilman is Psychedelic Spotlight’s lead content editor and a contributor. His previous work has appeared in publications including USA Today, Yahoo! News, TheWrap, MovieMaker Magazine, Make Magazine, and SyFy Wire. When he’s not writing, he’s performing as LA-based Americana folk rock artist Greg in Good Company. Given his experience as an artist, he’s particularly interested in the intersection of psychedelics and entertainment, and is excited to see the impact of the renewed interest in psychedelics on society

Swati Sharma

Media Director

Swati Sharma is a radio host, blogger, educator, and Media Director of Psychedelic Spotlight. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, she graduated with her BA in Psychology, and has since worked in the education, marketing, and media sectors. Her work in radio with Windsor/Detroit station CJAM FM has allowed her to connect with local and international artists, giving a platform to those marginalized in the electronic dance music community. Today, her work focuses on the intersection of important topics such as Indigenous reciprocity, psychedelic harm reduction, and community care for diverse populations. Ignited by an insatiable curiosity for like-minded creators, she hopes to help destigmatize the world of psychedelics while providing a safe container for our most marginalized members to share their perspectives on psychedelic healing along the way.

Matthew Dunehoo

Director of Video Production

Matthew Dunehoo is the Director of Video Production for Psychedelic Spotlight. Based in Kansas City, MO, Dunehoo founded the film production company, Elk’s Pride Pictures in 2015, for the production of original narrative and documentary film work, with several works having appeared in curated festivals both domestically and internationally. His first feature film, the indie horror WRETCH was released in May 2020. Dunehoo is proud to be working in the psychedelic space and passionate about finding dynamic and provocative methods of sharing stories behind the science, culture, and intrigue surrounding all things psychedelic.

James Hallifax

Content Director, The Psychedelic Investor & Psychedelic Spotlight

James Hallifax is an entrepreneur who co-founded The Psychedelic Investor, a media company focused on investing in psychedelic medicines which treat mental health conditions. Together with his business partner, they have grown their YouTube Channel to be the largest Channel dedicated to Investing in Psychedelics. Through their partnership with Psychedelic Spotlight, James aims to help educate retail investors on the potential for substances like LSD, MDMA and Magic Mushrooms to heal, and for early investors who make the right choices to make a lot of money. Rather than focus on day to day stock movements, James follows the underlying science of the industry, to help people understand which companies are the most likely to succeed long term.

Maria Holy

Director, The Psychedelic Investor & Psychedelic Spotlight

Maria Holy is a Co-Founder of The Psychedelic Investor, the largest YouTube platform dedicated to educating the public about investing opportunities and research in the psychedelic medicines space. Through their partnership with Psychedelic Spotlight, Maria intends to make the revival of psychedelic research widespread, so that psychedelic inspired companies have an easier path towards alleviating suffering and improving mental health on a global scale.

Autumn Tribitt

Host, Spotlight in Focus

Autumn Tribitt was brought on to host Psychedelic Spotlight’s video series Spotlight Roundup first airing in March of 2021, where she delivered the latest news in psychedelic business, culture, and research. After hosting over 10 episodes, Autumn is now hosting the new PS video series Spotlight in Focus where she expands on psychedelic business, culture, and research through candid interviews with industry leaders and everyday people. Autumn is a wife and mother of 3 who works full time. She is a chemist by trade, with nearly 15 years in cancer research. She has also been modeling and acting in print and film for over 15 years. Autumn hopes to apply beauty, brains, woman-wisdom, and realness as a host for Psychedelic Spotlight programming.