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Our mission is to help people obtain a reliable source for the latest stories in the emerging psychedelics industry, covering breakthrough discoveries, investor news and cultural reform.

Psychedelics are creating a wellness revolution and an industry with unprecedented opportunity.

Our goal is to cover the latest stories in the emerging psychedelics industry including breakthrough discoveries, investor news and cultural reform, to develop a powerful and intuitive network for collaboration with industry leaders, researchers and investors who are transcending the way the world regards what is possible in mental health, the mind and human consciousness.

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David Flores

Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of California, David has served as the CEO of Psychedelic Spotlight and its parent company, PSYC Corporation (“PSYC”), since July 2020. 

His career path over the past 10 years has been primarily focused within the legal, finance, and public market sectors. Prior to joining PSYC as an officer and director in June 2018, David co-owned and operated a boutique public and investor relations firm based in Las Vegas, NV where he had the opportunity of working with various small cap and early stage companies in emerging markets such as green energy and cannabis. His early professional experience also includes working in finance for law firms such as Greenberg Glusker LLP and Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP.

A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, David currently resides in West Linn, OR with his partner and their Yorkshire terrier.

Sacha G. Hebbert

Chief Operating Officer

Sacha Hebbert is a psychonaut who brings a ‘get after it’ attitude to the team. Working over 3 years in the psychedelic life sciences and biotechnology sectors as a branding lead, Sacha brings industry knowledge and operational expertise to our team. Sacha successfully launched several brands in the functional mushroom and consumer brands space over the last decade and currently owns one of Canada’s largest Sup brands, Quoth.Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Sacha’s keen eye for product-market fit, brand storytelling, and production, combined with her passion for mental wellness and future healing modalities, give Team PSYC both a creative and competitive edge.

Rodri Bermejo

Social Media and Content Management

Rodri Bermejo is a versatile professional and creative. Holding a Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry specializing in psychedelic pharmacology, Rodri’s research and thesis were awarded the highest honors by his university. His research focused on the antidepressant molecular mechanisms of psychedelics and their pharmacology tied to the 5-HT2a receptor. As a creative, Rodri has established a queer music festival in Houston, TX called The Return of Saturn that aims to highlight queer talent in the city. Additionally, he is a multidisciplinary artist and electronic musician who goes under the name Rodri XO.

With a diverse skill set encompassing molecular biology, pharmacology, sculpture, music production, and painting, Rodri brings a unique fusion of deep scientific knowledge and artistic expression to his work in the field of psychedelics.

Maria Holyanova

Executive Marketing & Content Director

Maria Holyanova is a growth marketer, blogger, editor and Executive Marketing Director of Psychedelic Spotlight. With a BCOMM in Commerce with a specialization in Marketing, she has since worked in the real estate, marketing, web development and hospitality sectors. At present, her work revolves around the juncture of topics such as business and psychedelics, psychedelic research and harm reduction. Driven by an insatiable appetite for creatives who share her vision, she is determined to make the revival of psychedelic research widespread, so that psychedelic-inspired companies have an easier path toward alleviating suffering and improving mental health on a global scale.