Wesana Health to Acquire Psytech

Wesana Health to Acquire Psychedelic Therapy and Software Company PsyTech

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The deal creates Wesana Clinics, a chain of mental health facilities focused on delivering psychedelic-assisted psychiatric care, as well as data platform Wesana Solutions.
Psychedelics asthma treatment

Why Psychedelics Could Eventually Treat Asthma

Researchers continue to explore anti-inflammatory nature of psychedelics, which in small doses, may alleviate asthma symptoms.
Microdosing cancer patients LSD study

New Zealand Psychologist Assembles First Study Microdosing Cancer Patients with LSD

University of Auckland researcher hopes the psychedelic treatment will enhance the effect of psychotherapy, easing end-of-life distress in patients.
Psilocybin depression treatment

Psychedelic Biotech Company Cybin Partners with Greenbrook to Develop Innovative Depression Treatment

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Cybin CEO says agreement "serves as a major step toward establishing a national distribution network for future psychedelic therapies."

Single Dose of Psilocybin Strengthens Brain Connections in Mice, According to Yale Study

“It was a real surprise to see such enduring changes from just one dose of psilocybin," says senior study author Alex Kwan.
Psychedelics Domestic Violence

Can Psychedelics Reduce Domestic Violence? New Study Suggests Yes

Alcohol, methamphetamine and cocaine have been linked to increased aggression in men, but psychedelics appear to have opposite effect.

Harvard Law Launches Psychedelics Regulation Research Project

POPLAR is the first academic initiative focused on psychedelics law and policy.
Predicting Psychedelic Experience Outcomes Through Machine Learning

Predicting Psychedelic Experience Outcomes Through Machine Learning

New technology that employs machine learning is helping researchers predict psychedelic experience outcomes.
The Benefits of Peyote: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Medicine

‘Meaningful’ Mescaline Experience Linked to Improvements in Depression, Anxiety

Significant personal experiences on the psychedelic mescaline show great promise in treating anxiety and depression, new research finds.
Queen’s University Launches Psychedelic Research Collaborative

Queen’s University Launches Psychedelic Research Collaborative

Ontario’s Queen’s University’s is launching a psychedelics research collaborative to serve as a space for innovation, and education.