Original Meds: Turkey Tail 28,000mg Tincture

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Original Meds: TURKEY TAIL 28,000mg Mushroom Extract Tincture. Immune Support and Inflammation Aid


TURKEY TAIL 28,000mg TINCTURE: Immune Support, Inflammation Aid, Antibacterial Agent


1:1 Potency Ratio: Each tincture contains the equivalent of 28 grams of dried mushrooms per ounce,
ensuring maximum strength and efficacy.
Fruiting Bodies Only: We use only the fruiting bodies of mushrooms, which are rich in essential
bioactive compounds.
Advanced Extraction: Utilizing a dual solvent (water and alcohol) extraction technique to capture all
beneficial properties.
Rotary Evaporation System: Alcohol is carefully evaporated at low temperatures to preserve the
extracts’ potency and purity.
Reconstituted with Glycerin: After evaporation, extracts are reconstituted with glycerin, offering a
sweet and smooth taste, making our tinctures not only potent but also pleasant to consume.