Psychedelic Decriminalization Update

Today, we take a look at 3 states who are moving to decriminalize, or even legalize, certain psychedelic compounds. We also look at some backward thinking moves by the DEA, and a Canadian Decriminalization bill.

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Psychedelic Spotlight

The three states debating psychedelic liberalization are Maine, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

In Maine, the bill being debated would legalize psilocybin assisted therapy.

In Oklahoma there are two bills that would put money towards researching psychedelic therapy, specifically to help veterans. One of the bills, however, would also decriminalize psilocybin.

In Colorada, there is a bill being debated that would form a committee to explore decriminalization. There are also two ballot measures that if passed would legalize certain psychedelics.

At the same time, the DEA is adding 5 new psychedelics to schedule 1, the most illegal category

And in Canada, the NDP has proposed a bill that would decriminalize all illegal substances.

Maine Bill

Maine could legalize ‘magic mushroom’ drug to treat depression


Oklahoma GOP Lawmakers Push for Psychedelic Reform


Colorado Lawmakers and Activists Push for Wide-Ranging Psychedelic Reform

DEA Restrictions

DEA Proposes Adding 5 More Psychedelics to Schedule 1 Controlled Substances

Canada NDP Decriminalization bill

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