Prolonged DMT Infusions

Prolonged DMT Infusions could be a Breakthrough for Stroke Patients

Stroke recovery requires stimulating neuroplasticity to heal brain trauma, and prolonged DMT infusions may help speed this process
Psychedelics and Grief

The Connection Between Psychedelics and Grief

Psychedelics and grief both create profound personal experiences with the power to produce change through intense emotional responses
psychedelic virtual realityShutterstock

Can Virtual Reality Simulate the Effects of a Psychedelic Trip?

Researchers are studying the effects of novel VR applications to see if they can produce effects similar to psychedelics, but do they work?
Adverse Effects in Psychedelic Clinical Trials

Adverse Events in Psychedelic Clinical Trials are Underreported

New research shows that enthusiasm for psychedelic treatments makes it easy to ignore adverse events in psychedelic clinical trials
Psi Phenomena in Psychedelics

Investigating Psi Phenomena in Psychedelics

People on psychedelics often report sensations of clairvoyance, telepathy, and ESP. We talk with a researcher who investigates psi phenomena in psychedelics
Psilocybin Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder

Psilocybin Reduces Heavy Drinking in Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder

A new study indicates that psilocybin-assisted therapy may reduce heavy drinking in patients with alcohol use disorder, with up to half of patients quitting altogether
Ayahuasca Ceremony for Middle Eastern Refugees

Can an Ayahuasca Ceremony Heal Immigrant and Refugee Trauma?

A unique study looks at how an ayahuasca ceremony may help rebuild community and heal trauma in a group of Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees
Field Trip FT-104 5-HO-DiPT

An Inside Look into Field Trip’s Next-Generation Psychedelic, FT-104

Field Trip is the only company exploring the therapeutic potential of a 4-HO-DiPT prodrug called FT-104. But how does it work?
Compass Pathways Sued

Compass Pathways Sued for Stealing Trade Secrets

Compass Pathways faces a legal challenge from Terran Biosciences over the potential theft of intellectual property