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Psychedelic Clinical Trials and the Michael Pollan Effect

With the incredible popularity of “How to Change Your Mind,” Michael Pollan sells people on psychedelic treatments that are not yet available
How To Change Your Mind Review

How to Change Your Mind Review: The Psychedelic Hype Train Keeps Chugging

The Netflix documentary 'How to Change Your Mind' is great TV even though it fails to provide balanced coverage of psychedelics
How to Change Your Mind Review

How To Change Your Mind: Episode 1 Review

Michael Pollan's landmark book is now a streaming miniseries, but is the Netflix psychedelics documentary worth the watch?
Michael Pollan advice for talking to kids about drugs

Michael Pollan’s Advice on Talking to Kids About Psychedelic Drugs: ‘They Need to Be Treated with Respect’

"We can begin to talk to children about drugs in a very different way than they're learning in school," the popular author says.