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One Ayahuasca Ceremony Might Reset Mental Health

A single experience with the psychedelic South American brew called ayahuasca may help reduce psychopathology and depression in users for up to six months, a new study finds. The findings, published in the recent issue of the journal Scientific Reports, looked at ayahuasca use in a group of 40 women and men aged 20-65. All were screened for […]

Denver’s ‘Magic’ Mushroom Law: What You Need to Know

Mushrooms are experiencing a renaissance. Or, rather, they’re now prototypes, paving paths as tools for everything from sustainable meat to animal-free leather. Now a few cities are decriminalizing magic mushrooms as psilocybin’s medicinal potential earns a spotlight with prestigious research facilities and medical journals. Denver voted to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms last year, the first U.S. […]