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MindMed Delays Project Lucy & Compass Pathways Has a Challenged Patent

MindMed’s Project Lucy is Delayed and Compass Pathways Has a Patent Being Challenged. In today’s episode, we discuss two companies: MindMed (NASDAQ: MNMD, NEO: MMED); and Compass Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS). For MindMed, unfortunately, their flagship program, Project Lucy, has been delayed. Project Lucy is attempting to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder using LSD therapy. MindMed had […]

Microdosing VS. Macrodosing Magic Mushrooms feat. Julianne Keu

In today’s interview with Julianne Keu, the famous Microdoser, discusses both her experiences microdosing and macrodosing psychedelics. For microdosing psilocybin, Keu discusses how the practice made her more mindful of her surrounds, and helped her meditate. Over the months of microdosing, she saw her depression and anxiety lessen and eventually disappear. However, microdosing psychedelics did […]

Spider-Man’s Secret War: How the Web Crawler and Stan Lee Promoted the War on Drugs

Spider-Man’s Secret War: How the Web Crawler and Stan Lee Fought the War on Drugs Follow us on Twitter: @PsycSpotlight @Psy_Invest @psy_holy Follow us on Instagram: @psycspotlight @thepsychedelicinvestor To learn more about the emerging psychedelic industry, visit: Psychedelic Spotlight Welcome back to another episode. As Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters, every teenager and […]

“Taking the leap” on Plant Medicines and Psilocybin with Formed NHL Enforcer Riley Cote

In today’s Psychedelic Spotlight episode, we see David Flores and Riley Cote discuss psychedelics and healing trauma. Riley Cote is a former NHL enforcer and is currently an advocate of plant medicines and psychedelics. TimeStamps: 00:00- Intro and Cannabis 3.0 2:03- Riley Cote’s experience with trauma, addiction, mental health, and healing with psychedelics 4:34- Addressing […]

Psychedelics and Women’s Health – What We DON’T Know

In today’s interview, we sit down with the CEO of Felicity Pharma, Olivia Mannix, who makes it her mission to destigmatize plant medicines. TimeStamps: 00:00- Intro, how Olivia entered the psychedelics space, and the philosophy of Felicity 1:53- How are women’s health needs unique from mens’? 4:09- Women empowerment in the psychedelics space 5:18- Is […]

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