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Massachusetts Advocates Aim to Substitute Psychedelic Ballot Measure, Expose Voter Manipulation by D.C. PAC

“The PAC behind this ballot question rigged the rules for psychedelic services in Oregon, where people are now charged around $3,500 for a gram of psilocybin mushrooms that normally costs $10. We will not let this entity corner life-saving treatments in our Commonwealth,” remarked James Davis, Bay Staters for Natural Medicine Cofounder and a former staffer for the Massachusetts legislature’s Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy.

Quebec Breaks New Ground in Psychedelic Therapy: Patients Treated Together at Hope & Cope Cancer Wellness Centre

Two cancer patients received simultaneous psilocybin-assisted therapy (PAT) treatment on September 22nd, 2023, at The Hope & Cope Wellness Centre in Montréal, under the care of Dr. Houman Farzin. This session marks Quebec’s first-ever legal group experience with psilocybin, access to which was granted through Health Canada's Special Access Program (SAP) and with medicines donated by Psygen and Filament Health.