Hey guys! I promised ya’ll that I will keep you updated on Compass Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS) earnings call. There has been some pretty interesting developments on the company that I thought I should Bring to your attention. Compass Pathways is one of the psychedelic companies that is the furthest advanced in their clinical trials (Phase IIB to treat TRD). However, I wasn’t aware that they are doing a LOT more. This is quite interesting because in my opinion, CMPS is not a one trick pony anymore and it might as well be in direct competition with my favorite company in this sector (MindMed).

In this video, we’ll cover:
1. Compass Pathways’ Financials
2. Their IP
3. Therapists Training
4. Future Projects
5. Digital Technology

I hope that this is not going to enrage the MindMed fan boys out there. I just thought that it might be interesting for some of you psychedelic investors.
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