Entheon Biomedical CEO Timothy Ko (CSE: ENBI) (OTC: ENTBF) (“Entheon” or the “Company”), a biotechnology company focused on developing psychedelic medicines to treat addiction with DMT.

Entheon Biomedical is pioneering a leading-edge addiction recovery solution that harnesses and optimizes the therapeutic potential of the DMT molecule. Entheon exists to invert the addiction-recovery ratio, turning the ‘untreatable case’ and ‘lost cause’ from the norm to the exception.

Entheon Biomedical is developing a DMT-assisted therapeutic protocol that will be specifically tailored to address the core mechanisms underlying drug-seeking and using behavior. Our chief aim is to provide an effective and scalable therapeutic protocol that will serve as a vital resource for those afflicted with a substance-use disorder, and who are wanting to reclaim their lives.

Entheon’s DMT clinical trial later this year will put it in direct competition with MindMed (MMED /MMEDF), who is also planning on launching a DMT clinical trial later this year.

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