Bob Parsons is an American entrepreneur and a Marine Corps veteran who suffered all his life from PTSD incurred while serving in Viet Nam. It wasn’t until he read HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND by Michael Pollan, that he became inspired by the potential in psychedelics, in conjunction with more mainstream counseling practices, to alleviate suffering from trauma commonly associated with military service.

In this interview, Parsons and Psychedelic Spotlight CEO David Flores discuss how psychedelics in combination with therapy can help heal not only veterans suffering from with treatment resistant PTSD but also prisoners and ex-cons who have been unjustly locked away.

They also discuss the necessity of trained therapists and psychedelic guides in order to ensure patient safety, and what the future holds for psychedelic medicines.

The message continues to be plain and simple, and heard now from voices with no reason to embellish on their beliefs: psychedelics help heal trauma and can save lives.

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