Psychedelic podcasts
Psychedelic podcasts

As psychedelics re-enter the mainstream, people from around the world are hungry to learn more about the mind altering substances. And while, of course, a great way to do this is by reading publications such as Psychedelic Spotlight, some enjoy the medium of podcasts over reading.

The only problem? In an age of infinite podcasts, finding a good one can be tricky.

It’s with that in mind that I decided to compile a list of the Top 5 Psychedelic Podcasts, presented in no particular order

Psychedelics Today

Of all the podcasts on this list, none have helped push the topic of healing with psychedelics into the mainstream more than Psychedelics Today. Exploring academic and scientific work, while diving into personal experiences, Psychedelics Today takes you on a very good trip.

One of my favorite recent episodes was PT332, featuring James Lanthier, CEO of Mindset Pharma. In it, host Joe Moore and James discuss the future of using psychedelics as medicines. Contrary to popular opinion, according to Mr. Lanthier, rather than using traditional psychedelics like psilocybin to heal, in the future therapists will likely use next-generation psychedelics built in a lab, tailor-made to treat specific mental health ailments. Mindset Pharma is a company working on creating such next-generation psychedelics.

Listen to the full episode here.

Psychedelic Spotlight

Of course, no list of psychedelic podcasts would be complete without mentioning the Psychedelic Spotlight Podcast. Hosted by the intelligent and thoughtful Swati Sharma, the Psychedelic Spotlight podcast features discussions with leaders of the psychedelics world, be they involved in business, scientific research, philosophy, harm reduction, or political advocacy.

What’s super refreshing about this podcast is Swati’s ability to get to the core of any issue. This makes the show a breath of fresh air in a world of surface level analysis.

In one of my favorite episodes, Swati talks with Julianne Keu, someone who turned their life around through microdosing psilocybin. Ever since, Julianne has become a psychedelics advocate, and is now training to become a psychedelic facilitator. This conversation was full of emotion, story telling, and hope.

Listen to the full episode here.

Cover Story

Cover Story —a joint project between NY Mag and Psymposia— sees itself as a watchdog of the psychedelics industry. Whereas the other entries on this list focus more on the positive side of the psychedelic renaissance —though they of course discuss negative stories when they happen— Cover Story dedicates itself to uncovering the abuses and lapses in moral judgment in this burgeoning industry.

Examining both the world of underground psychedelic retreats and the nascent legal industry, Cover Story does a good job at bringing to light the darkest corners of the psychedelic revolution. Best known for uncovering the story of sexual abuse by a therapist in a MAPS-sponsored MDMA clinical trial, Cover Story is helping clean up the psychedelics industry.

Listen to the full episode here.

Hamilton Morris Podcast

Hamilton Morris —yes the same scientist in the Vice TV show Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia— runs one of the most fascinating podcasts on the topic of psychedelics. From speaking to legends like Dennis McKenna to self experimenting with little known psychedelics, the Hamilton Morris Podcast is quality content.

In one of his best episodes —entitled Clandestine Chromium Carbene Chemistry— Hamilton chats with chemist Mike Roberts, who conducted underground research on psychedelics such as DMT. Unfortunately, after a year of continuous self-experimentation, Roberts began confusing reality with the dream world. This is a fascinating warning against abusing psychedelics.

Listen to the full episode here.

Business Trip

I won’t lie, I was first attracted to Business Trip because, frankly, they have a fantastic name. After listening to a few episodes, however, I realized they also have fantastic content. Business Trip is a podcast all about the business of psychedelics. From interviews with Venture Capitalists, to Psychedelic CEOs and Founders, Business Trip is an informative source for anyone interested in the for-profit side of the psychedelics renaissance.

In one of my favorite episodes, The new frontiers of DMT therapies, Business Trip chats with the leaders of three psychedelics companies who are attempting to use DMT to treat Alzeimers, strokes, and even organ transplants. This is important, as a big milestone for psychedelic research will be whether these substances can treat more than just mental health conditions, but also physical conditions.

Listen to the full episode here.

Honorable Mentions

The truth is, there are many great psychedelic podcasts. Many more, in fact, than I can fit in a top 5 list. Some of my other favorites include:

The Brom Podcast: Brom Rector was one of the first psychedelic business podcasters. He consistently puts out high quality content, interviewing Psychedelic CEOs.

DoseNation: Hosted by Psychedelic Spotlight Editor, James Kent, DoseNation is an underground favorite that dives into the psychedelic renaissance from all angles, and is not afraid to look at its dark side.

PSYCBiz: Pardon my blatant self promotion, but you should also check out PSYCBiz, the YouTube show that I host for Psychedelic Spotlight. In it, I interview the leaders of the psychedelic space. In my favorite recent episode, I hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with MindMed CEO, Rob Barrow.

Do you have a favorite psychedelic podcast that isn’t on this list? Leave it in the comments!


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