How to Prepare for your First Psychedelic Trip in 5 EASY Steps.

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Disclaimer: Psychedelic Spotlight does not condone the use of illegal substances. The purpose of this article is for educational and harm reduction purposes only. If you suffer from a medical or mental condition, please consult with your doctor before taking any substance.

Recently, the culture surrounding psychedelics has been shifting. From clinical studies that show these substances to be both safe and effective at treating a range of mental and even physical health maladies, to an avalanche of celebrities coming out of the psychedelics closet to discuss how psychedelics have improved their lives, the psychedelics taboo is quickly being erased.

It is, therefore, no surprise that many individuals are considering “taking a trip” of their own. Perhaps they have heard of how a psychedelic experience if done correctly, can help alleviate anxiety, decrease depression, can lessen the fear of death, and increase their empathy.

The only problem is, they don’t know how to start. That is why Psychedelic Spotlight created this user’s manual, How to Prepare for your First Psychedelic Trip.

In it we detail 5 Steps: Research, preparation, set and setting, taking the dose, and integration.

For research, it is important that you know everything possible about a substance before putting it in your body.

Preparation entails how to get your mind and body in shape for the experience, as well as goal setting.

Set refers to having a proper mindset and setting refers to the best environment to “trip” in.

Taking the dose explains what you should do once you have ingested the compound.

And integration refers to how you incorporate the lessons you learned while on the plant teachers into your daily life.

Happy Tripping

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