MindMed (Nasdaq:MNMD, NEO:MMED) has launched recruitment for their phase 2a clinical trial, testing using LSD microdoses to treat Adult ADHD!
MindMed’s stock has been down a lot recently, which has people asking “should I sell MindMed”, or “Is MindMed stock a good investment?”, or “why is MindMed stock down?”.

A lot of this drop has to do with a lack of news, not bad news. Now, at long last we finally have some good news! I have been looking forward to this trial starting for over a year now!

This LSD microdosing study is part of Project Flow, MindMed’s LSD microdosing division.

Microdosing LSD, anecdotally, has been shown to: increase focus; decrease anxiety; increase creativity; and improve mood. As improving focus and decreasing anxiety are two issues individuals with ADHD often need help with, it is possible that this may be a better medication than stimulants like Adderall.

The 52 person, placebo controlled study will give 20 micrograms of LSD to Adult ADHD sufferers twice a week for 6 weeks. Six weeks after treatment, the patients symptoms will be compared to where they were before the trial, and compared against the placebo group.

If they do show significant improvement, it will be the first scientific evidence that LSD microdoses can help treat adult ADHD.
Not only would this help tens of millions of people, it would also be lucrative for MindMed, as in the USA alone, the ADHD treatment market is valued at $12.9 billion annually.

Is LSD microdosing good for you? Can LSD Microdosing improve your mental health and Creativity? MindMed aims to find out!


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