Interview with Julianne Keu, Psychedelic YouTuber

From Microdosing to Mystical Experiences with Julianne Keu

From Microdosing to Mystical Experiences with Julianne Keu

Episode Summary

This week, we spent some time chatting with Julianne Keu. She is a YouTube content creator with one of the fastest-growing channels in the psychedelics niche. She’s a powerful advocate for the use of psychoactive plants and their use in treating challenging mental health conditions. Julianne is also an apprentice healer at Intronaut, where she is training with facilitators of various modalities of plant medicine healing in hopes of one day becoming a facilitator herself.

In this episode, Julianne describes how she used microdosing to help aid in the treatment of her mental health challenges during the pandemic, how she began macrodosing with psilocybin to address deeper-rooted traumas, how participating in shamanic ceremonies have led her to explore the spiritual and mystical world, and much more.

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