In the realm where music meets the mystical, few artists embody the fusion of psychedelic exploration and sonic innovation like Mendeleyev. Known for his deeply spiritual approach to songcraft, influenced by the teachings of Ram Dass and enriched by his experiences with psychedelics, Mendeleyev came onto the Shroomstream to share with us his thoughts on the connection between psychedelics and the creative act, music making in particular.

The Influence of Family and Ram Dass: Catalysts for Spiritual Awakening

It’s safe to say that most families in America probably aren’t operating in a way similar to how Mendeleyev was raised, with specific regard to a rite of passage they honored collectively when someone turned 15, in the form of a sort of psychedelic quinceañera, entailing a family-wide psychedelic mushroom journey. Imagine how so many young adults utilize drugs as a means of rebellion in spite of their parents, his family utilized the mushroom to draw closer, which paints a profoundly moving picture of closeness and shared vision. 

Mendeleyev’s journey into the depths of psychedelic music was profoundly shaped by the teachings of Ram Dass, the renowned spiritual teacher and author who was a family friend and an omnipresent fixture in the young artist’s extended community. Ram Dass’s philosophy of embracing cosmic unity and exploring altered states of consciousness resonated deeply with Mendeleyev’s artistic sensibilities. Mendeleyev reflected on how Ram Dass’s teachings not only influenced his music but also sparked a personal transformation.

“Ram Dass opened a portal for me,” Mendeleyev mused, his voice carrying a mixture of reverence and introspection. “His insights into the interconnectedness of all beings, the cosmic dance of energy, it all found its way into my compositions.”

Mendeleyev’s music soon became a vehicle for listeners to embark on their own spiritual odyssey, guided by ethereal melodies and rhythmic patterns that echo the universal heartbeat.

Psychedelic Music as a Gateway to Transcendence

At the heart of Mendeleyev’s artistic philosophy lies the belief that music, especially when infused with psychedelic elements, can act as a transformative tool. Drawing parallels between the effects of psychedelics and the sonic landscapes he creates, Mendeleyev explores the idea of music as a conduit to altered states of consciousness.

“Music has this inherent ability to dissolve boundaries,” Mendeleyev explained, his words carrying a sense of wonder that is infectious. “When I compose, especially under the influence of psychedelics like LSD or mushrooms, I feel a deep connection to a higher consciousness. It’s as if the music becomes a bridge between the material and the metaphysical.”

He was sure to point out that it’s not always during the medicine experience itself that the songs are actually crafted with the meticulousness and artistry needed to hold compositions together that will last and resonate with the public, but that the insights gained from retrospective contemplation of the journey are integrated into song forms further down the line.

This psychedelic perspective helps shape and inform Mendeleyev’s creative process, where experimentation with sound textures and unconventional rhythms becomes a quest for spiritual revelation. Each composition is an invitation for listeners to transcend ordinary reality and glimpse the mysteries of existence.

Techniques of Creative Alchemy: Merging Sound and Soul

The first piece of work by Mendeleyev that I encountered was the YouTube video clip from his audition for The Voice, in which he performed a rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Girl From The North Country.” It was here where I first caught a glimpse of the depth of his instrument and it’s connection to soul and source.

Behind Mendeleyev’s mesmerizing soundscapes lies a meticulous approach to sonic craftsmanship. Experimentation is at the core of his creative practice, where traditional musical boundaries blur, giving rise to an eclectic fusion of genres and styles.

“Creativity, for me, is a sacred journey,” Mendeleyev shares, his voice tinged with passion. “I embrace improvisation and spontaneity, allowing the music to unfold organically. It’s about channeling raw emotion and cosmic energy into every note.”

His studio becomes a sanctuary where technology and intuition converge, where vintage synthesizers pulse alongside organic instrumentation, weaving intricate tapestries of sound. Each composition is an invitation to translate inner visions into audible landscapes that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

Beyond the Veil: Embracing the Mystical in Music

For Mendeleyev, the allure of psychedelic music extends beyond mere entertainment; it’s a spiritual quest, an exploration of the infinite realms of consciousness. Through his collaborations and solo works, he continues to push the boundaries of sonic experimentation, inviting listeners to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

“As an artist, my mission is to inspire others to explore the depths of their own consciousness,” Mendeleyev reflected, his voice carrying a sense of purpose. “Music, especially when imbued with the essence of psychedelics and spirituality, has the power to awaken dormant truths within us.”

In a world where the mundane often eclipses the mystical, Mendeleyev’s music stands as a testament to the enduring power of sound to elevate, enlighten, and expand human consciousness. His sonic landscapes serve as portals to unseen realms, where the soul dances freely and the spirit soars beyond earthly confines.

Conclusion: The Legacy of the “Psychedelic” Sound

It becomes increasingly clear that as time passes, the label of “psychedelic” that’s often affixed to a particular genre of music, perhaps most commonly associated with the artists of the Haight-Ashbury who populated the Fillmore West at the end of the 1960’s, can be appropriately applied to so many other types and genres of music and musical expression. 

It’s the trance at the root, the form of sound as fractals, emanating from the heart and reverberating through other beings that signifies our interconnectedness and eternal nature. 

Mendeleyev’s artistic journey is a testament to the transformative potential of music when infused with spiritual depth and psychedelic exploration. Inspired by the teachings of his own family, cultural icons like Ram Dass and Alan Watts, and guided by his own inner quest for truth, he continues to push the boundaries of sonic innovation, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and revelation.

As we navigate the complexities of modern existence, music continues to offer sanctuary—a place where the boundaries between the self and the cosmos dissolve, and the eternal dance of creation unfolds in harmonious resonance. Through the artistry of songwriters, we are invited to embrace the mystical essence of music and rediscover our innate connection to the universal symphony pervading all things.

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