MindMed Launches DMT Clinical Trial! Joe Rogan must be excited!

In this episode, we’ll discuss MindMed ‘s (NASDAQ: MNMD), ( NEO: MMED) announcement and why I’m personally excited about it.

As many of you know, of all the classic psychedelics, in many respects DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is the most mysterious. When it is consumed, experiencers report being blasted off into an entirely new dimension of being or plane of existence, where you interact with autonomous, intelligent and wise beings. Those who have experienced this often claim that they return to our world with a sense of having learned important lessons, that are either too hard to put into words.

Now, we have no idea what is happening in a person’s brain while they are on DMT.
Is the experience completely physiological, for example has the DMT essentially initiated some sort of dream-like state while you are still conscious? Or is it more mystical than that?

Either way, the simplistic wisdom gained from “the spirit molecule”, as it is often called, has reportedly helped countless people beat their addictions, depression, anxiety and more.
Many people liken it to essentially “resetting your brain”.

Unfortunately, despite so much anecdotal evidence and entire sub cultures verging on the edge of religions dedicated to the substance, surprisingly little hard science has been done on the drug.

This is the reason behind my excitement today! MindMed announced initiation of phase 1 clinical trial of intravenous DMT.


MindMed’s DMT Clinical Trial Specifications:

Previous DMT Studies:

Enjoy the episode!

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