In this episode of Psychedelic Spotlight, Matt sits down with Rob Barrow, CEO of MindMed (NASDSAQ: MNMD, NEO:MMED). MindMed is a psychedelic medicines company working with substances such as LSD, MDMA, psilocybin and more, to help treat a variety of mental health conditions.

In this interview, many topics are touched upon. The two start the conversation on the neuroscience of psychedelics, and it quickly shifts to the nature of consciousness.
Later, topics such as psychedelics culture, art and philosophy.

Of course, Barrow also discusses MindMedโ€™s clinical trials and their drug development pipeline.
Can LSD treat anxiety? Can 18-MC treat addiction? Can MDMA be mixed safely with LSD? These are all questions MindMed is researching.

What are the ethics of the Big pharma industry entering the psychedelics industry? Barrow has an enlightened answer on the question. In the end, the pharma industry needs to put the patient at the center of the discussion.

At the end of the day, psychedelic therapy research is all about helping patients conquer their mental health problems. This means addressing not only the development of psychedelic drugs, but also how to scale up up therapy so that it is accessible.

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