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DEA bans psychedelic drugs

The DEA is Attempting to Ban Two New Psychedelic Drugs

The DEA moves to ban two obscure psychedelic drugs, DOI and DOC, amidst ongoing calls to ease restrictions on psychedelic medicines
Remembering Psychedelic Chemist Alexander ShulginShutterstock

Remembering Psychedelic Chemist Alexander Shulgin

Alexander Shulgin was the greatest psychoactive chemist of the 20th century. James Kent recollects his visit to Shulgin’s lab in the final days before his passing.
Forgotten Psychedelics: What Is 2C-B?

Forgotten Psychedelics: What Is 2C-B?

4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine (also known as Nexus, Erox, or 2C-B) was synthesized by a famous American pharmacologist and psychonaut, Alexander Shulgin, in 1974.