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'Right To Try Laws' and Legal Access to Psilocybin Therapy with Dr. Jonathan Fields

‘Right To Try Laws’ and Legal Access to Psilocybin Therapy with Dr. Jonathan Fields

Petitioning the DEA to respect the ‘Right to Try Laws’ which empower terminally ill patients to legally access psilocybin therapy.
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Compass Pathways Phase 2 Psilocybin Results far from Spectacular

Psilocybin showed rapid antidepressant effects for most patients, but only 1 in 5 participants showed significant improvement at 12 weeks
Math over Myth

Math Over Myth: Compass and Revive Release Phase 3 Updates but Stocks Drop

Math over Myth is your weekly source for psychedelic stock updates, including Compass Pathways and Revive Therapeutics
Math over Myth ATAI Compass

Math Over Myth: Spotlight on Psychedelic Stocks ATAI & COMPASS

If you want to invest in psychedelic stocks, ignore the hype and look at the technicals. We take a deep dive on atai Life Sciences & COMPASS Pathways
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Psychedelic Stocks: ARK Invest and the Reverse Midas Touch

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Cathie Wood is buying up stocks from the most dubious actors in the psychedelic sector. Given ARK Invest’s subpar performance, is that a good thing?
Compass Pathways Sued

Compass Pathways Sued for Stealing Trade Secrets

Compass Pathways faces a legal challenge from Terran Biosciences over the potential theft of intellectual property
Psychedelic Clinical Trials

Three Phase 3 Clinical Trials that Could Legalize Psychedelics

The road to psychedelic legalization has many paths. These 3 clinical trials have the best chances to legalize psychedelics for therapy
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A Big Week for Psychedelic Stocks: 2 CEOs Step Down, MDMA Patents and a Phase 3 Trial

Compass Pathways and Small Pharma announce executive shakeup, Mydecine and Awakn push forward with new research
Compass Pathways Appoints a New CEO

Compass Pathways Appoints a New CEO

George Goldsmith will be replaced as Compass Pathways CEO. Is this good or bad news?
Compass Pathways Psilocybin Patent Upheld

Compass Pathways Psilocybin Patent Upheld

Compass Pathways scores a major victory in their bid to patent Comp 360, a proprietary formulation of psilocybin.