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colorado psychedelics decriminalization

Breaking: Colorado Becomes the 2nd State to Decriminalize Psychedelics

In a tight race that came down the wire, Colorado voters approve Measure 122 to decriminalize small amounts of psychedelic drugs
DiPT auditory hallucinations

DiPT is the Psychedelic for Your Ears

Most psychedelics produce visual hallucinations, but DiPT is unusual in that it primarily produces audio hallucinations
Prolonged DMT Infusions

Prolonged DMT Infusions could be a Breakthrough for Stroke Patients

Stroke recovery requires stimulating neuroplasticity to heal brain trauma, and prolonged DMT infusions may help speed this process
Luxury Psychedelic Retreats

Psychedelic Retreats Offer Healing Only for the Wealthy

Equal access is taking a back seat to exotic psychedelic retreats with exuberant price tags. Here’s why that’s a big problem
colorado psychedelics decriminalization

Psychedelic Decriminalization is on the Ballot in Colorado

This November, Colorado voters have the chance to decriminalize psychedelic plant medicines for personal and therapeutic use
San Francisco Psychedelics Decrim

What’s in the San Francisco Psychedelics Decrim Resolution?

San Francisco becomes the latest city to decriminalize entheogenic plants in another win for Decriminalize Nature
Ayahuasca Ceremony for Middle Eastern Refugees

Can an Ayahuasca Ceremony Heal Immigrant and Refugee Trauma?

A unique study looks at how an ayahuasca ceremony may help rebuild community and heal trauma in a group of Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees
How to Smoke DMT

How to Smoke DMT for Beginners in 5 Easy Steps

People who smoke DMT describe an intense and profound psychedelic experience, but there's a trick to getting the most out of each hit
Cybin Entheon DMT Clinical TrialSutterstock

The Real Reason Cybin Bought Entheon’s DMT Clinical Trial

, ,
In a rare move Cybin aquires a phase 1 DMT clinical trial from Entheon Biomedical. CEO Doug Drysdale explains why in a Reddit AMA
The Therapeutic Potential of AyahuascaShutterstock

Exploring the History and Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca

Researchers are exploring the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca, a visionary brew containing DMT. Here's everything you need to know.