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Biggest Psychedelic News - March 31

The Biggest Psychedelic News Stories This Week – March 31

Welcome to this week's roundup of noteworthy news regarding psychedelics. This edition features a variety of topics, such as Field Trip downsizing, a congressional committee approving a bill aimed at streamlining research into marijuana and…
Field Trip FT-104 5-HO-DiPT

An Inside Look into Field Trip’s Next-Generation Psychedelic, FT-104

Field Trip is the only company exploring the therapeutic potential of a 4-HO-DiPT prodrug called FT-104. But how does it work?

Psychedelic Business Spotlight – July 1

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This week in psychedelic stock news: MindMed downplays delisiting fears; Red Light Holland teams with Wiz Khalifa; Field Trip shareholders approve company split; and more!