The Biggest Psychedelic News Stories of the Week - September 17th

The Biggest Psychedelic News This Week – September 17th

Psychedelic News Surge: Massachusetts' Plant Medicine Dive, Kentucky's Ibogaine Initiative, Pain-Relieving Potential, and Ketamine's Pediatric Promise
MISTERCAP Mushroom Products

Wiz Khalifa: From Hip-Hop to Cannabis and Mushroom Products

Explore how Wiz Khalifa is diversifying his portfolio from hip-hop and cannabis to the burgeoning world of mushroom products, and what this could mean for the future of psychedelic legalization.
Psychedelic news

The Biggest Psychedelic News Stories This Week

If you tried to keep up with psychedelic news stories this week, it can be overwhelming - new breakthroughs in research, updates in policy and regulations around psychedelics… the list goes on! The past few days have been filled with developments…

A whole new mushroom convoy pulls up to Parliament!

What’s happening at the Canadian Capital? Canadian non-profit organization TheraPsil is leading a delegation of patients, advocates & experts to return to Ottawa this February from the 11th-17th seeking compassionate access to psilocybin…

TeleSage Revolutionizes How We Assess The Benefits of Psychedelic Therapy

TeleSage uses the SAGE-SR protocol to offer holistic assessments essential for integrated psychedelic medicine
Compass Pathways Appoints a New CEO

Compass Pathways Appoints a New CEO

George Goldsmith will be replaced as Compass Pathways CEO. Is this good or bad news?

The Battle for Psychedelic Patents

Psychedelic companies rely on novel patents to boost their value, but many players in the space are chasing the same IP

Psychedelic Business Spotlight – July 1

This week in psychedelic stock news: MindMed downplays delisiting fears; Red Light Holland teams with Wiz Khalifa; Field Trip shareholders approve company split; and more!

Wiz Khalifa Teams Up With Red Light Holland for Boutique Mushroom Brand

The rapper known for his cannabis advocacy has partnered with Red Light Holland to launch a mushroom wellness brand called MISTERCAP
Psychedelic Business Spotlight – June 24

This Week in Psychedelic Stocks: Compass Pathways Wins Patent Battle, MindMed Patents Candy Flipping, and More!

This week in psychedelic stock news, there are big patent developments for Compass, MindMed and Numinus.