Psychedelic Clinical Trials and the Michael Pollan Effect

Psychedelic Clinical Trials and the Michael Pollan Effect

With the incredible popularity of “How to Change Your Mind,” Michael Pollan sells people on psychedelic treatments that are not yet available
Psychedelic Clinical Trials

Three Phase 3 Clinical Trials that Could Legalize Psychedelics

The road to psychedelic legalization has many paths. These 3 clinical trials have the best chances to legalize psychedelics for therapy
Psychedelic Stocks Compass Small Pharma Mydecine Awakn

A Big Week for Psychedelic Stocks: 2 CEOs Step Down, MDMA Patents and a Phase 3 Trial

Compass Pathways and Small Pharma announce executive shakeup, Mydecine and Awakn push forward with new research
MDMA clinical trial halted

Canada Halts MDMA Clinical Trial Over Concerns for Participant Safety

Deficiancies in good clinical practices and accurate record keeping stops an MDMA clinical trial in its tracks
How To Change Your Mind Review

How to Change Your Mind Review: The Psychedelic Hype Train Keeps Chugging

The Netflix documentary 'How to Change Your Mind' is great TV even though it fails to provide balanced coverage of psychedelics

The Battle for Psychedelic Patents

Psychedelic companies rely on novel patents to boost their value, but many players in the space are chasing the same IP

GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons on Psychedelic Therapy: Part Two

GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons talks to Psychedelic Spotlight about treating PTSD with MDMA-assisted psychedelic therapy

Can Psychedelics Improve Scientific Creativity?

Scientific discovery comes from creative insights, and a recently published review details how psychedelics can play a major role in scientific creativity.
Does MDMA Reduce Fear?

Does MDMA Reduce Fear? New Study Has Implications for PTSD Treatment

Using a measurement tool called the SCR, researchers found that combining MDMA with fear extinction learning and recall therapy significantly reduced the fear felt by study participants, as compared...
A Brief History of MDMAShutterstock

A Brief History of MDMA: From the CIA to Raves to Psychedelic Therapy

The history of MDMA is fascinating, and it is still being written.