Lemon Tek: Everything You Need to Know About This Trendy Way of Consuming Magic Mushrooms

How To Make Lemon Tek for a More Potent Magic Mushroom Experience

Lemon tek is a way to make magic mushrooms more potent. By soaking them in lemon or lime juice for 15 to 20 minutes, the psilocybin mushrooms are reported to become up to four times as strong.
5 Fascinating Insights From Top Psychedelics Researcher

5 Fascinating Insights From a Top Psychedelics Researcher

Dr. Matthew Johnson, one of the most published psychedelics researchers in the world, shares two decades worth of wisdom.
Artechouse's 'Beyond The Light Exhibition is NASA and AI inspired Psychedelic OdysseyArtechouse

NASA-Inspired Psychedelic Odyssey: Artechouse’s ‘Beyond the Light’ Exhibit Is a Spacetime Trip

Artechouse’s 25-minute cosmic exhibit merges stunning psychedelic imagery, immortalized by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, with AI-aided visual production, pushing the boundaries of our imagination and "celebrating the spirit of exploration, discovery, and creation in our universe."

The Magic and Mystery of Penis Envy Mushrooms

We delve into the world of Penis Envy mushrooms, a unique, potent variety of psilocybin mushrooms with a mysterious history.
What to Wear to a Psychedelic Retreat?Shutterstock | PsychedelicArt

Dressing for Inner Journeys: What to Wear to a Psychedelic Retreat?

It is important to know what to wear at a psychedelic retreat to maximize your experience. We explore the best choice of clothing.
How Long Do Shrooms Last?

How Long Do Shrooms Last and Stay in Your System?

For anyone who may be curious to try dipping their toes into the world of psychedelic mushrooms, one of the first and most common questions one might ask is, “How long do shrooms last?” It’s a natural question, given the anxious anticipation that can preempt any psychedelic excursion, and definitely one that bears a bit of research before embarking on a virgin magic mushroom voyage.
How to Microdose LSD in 5 Easy StepsShutterstock

How to Microdose LSD in 5 Easy Steps

Intention. Journal. Measure. Schedule. Live your best life.
Journeying Beyond the Self: Timothy Leary's 5 Levels of Psychedelic Experiencembruxelle

Journeying Beyond the Self: Timothy Leary’s 5 Levels of Psychedelic Experience

The psychedelic experience can be downright tantalizing for the unprepared folk. While most trips can lead to profound feelings of interconnectedness and life-changing introspective or philosophical insights, without preparation, some people may increase their chances of a tantalizing bad trip. One way to reduce the possibility of a challenging trip is to get an introduction of Timothy Leary's five levels of the psychedelic experience.

Unmasking Fake Acid: The Dangers of 25I-NBOMe Disguised as LSD

NBOMes have been reported to induce psychosis-induced injuries from thrashing and self-harm, with some cases leading to suicide. These occurrences align with reports of agitation and violence caused by NBOMes.
How to Test Psychedelics for Adulterants with Testing Kits

Comprehensive Guide to Safely Testing Psychedelics for Adulterants Using Testing Kits

Do not skip on testing your substances. Responsible drug use requires testing substances every time before consuming them.