Top 5 Psychedelic Artists That Will Make You Visually Trip
Top 5 Psychedelic Artists That Will Make You Visually Trip

Psychedelic art is like a portal to a trippy alternate universe. Taking inspiration from music and popular culture, it uses vivid colors and bold shapes to take the viewer on a journey. It’s art that celebrates the beauty of the imagination while embracing its wild potential – where spiraling patterns, confused perspectives, intense hues and hidden mystical symbols are all part of its magic. Whether it’s an album cover or trippy NFTs, psychedelic artists capture the wonders of this world – both real and imagined – in ways that simulate the psychedelic state closely. It conveys surreal subject matter which dares to explore what lies beyond everyday reality and encourages viewers to let go of their expectations and explore the unknown.


 Ready to see where these unique forms of psychedelic expression can take you? We’ve compiled a quick list of some of the top psychedelic artists that you should check out if you’re feeling a trippy treat. These artists promise a one-of-a-kind experience that are sure to evoke a variety of feelings and emotions in the user. 

Top 5 Psychedelic Artists That Will Make You Visually Trip 


1.Tokio Aoyama, Visual Artist 


Originally from Northern Japan, Tokio Aoyama is a Seattle-based artist that creates psychedelic works of art that are sure to leave you mesmerized and in awe. He draws on psychedelic trends and powerful symbolism to create hypnotic visuals that captivate audiences. From dizzying patterns to neon colours, each creation has a sort of psychedelic-pop vibe that is so unique and eye-catching, they seemingly transport the viewer into the psychedelic or ceremonial state. Whether it’s on a canvas or digitally, Tokio Aoyama not only puts his psychedelic spin on every piece he creates, but also delivers fascinating works of art that ignite the imagination and take viewers on an unforgettable and hallucinatory psychedelic journey.

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2.Emily Eizen, Artist/Model 

Photo by Chuck Pebenito


Instagram: @emilyeizen


Instagram: @emilyeizen

Emily Eizen is a queer multimedia artist who has the ability to structure mesmerizing and vivid visuals using inspiring colors and pop-focused imagery. Her ‘60s inspired works blur the line between art, music, and technology, where she prefers to express her pieces through the mediums of painting, sculpture, photography, modeling, and home décor. Emily’s works highlight her ability to adapt to different styles and aesthetics across spectrums of gender and sexuality, defying traditional convention and the mundane. With extra-bold swashes and psychedelic patterns, every painting and photo is sure to be a major trip – no psychedelic substances needed! 

Instagram | Portfolio | YouTube

3.Andi Astra (They/Them), Founder & Creative Director at SpookyGirl 

Top 5 Psychedelic Artists
Source: Andi Astra

Into punchy, pop-art styles? Work by artist and illustrator Andi Astra may be up your alley. They are the founder and Creative Director at SpookyGirl, a brand celebrating creative self expression and questioning of the status quo. A queer, multidisciplinary artist based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, Andi began creating science fiction and alien centric art under the name SpookyGirl in 2015, using these themes to explore their own identity and relationship with femininity. Their work was born from the feeling of perpetual otherness, a theme Andi continues to explore throughout their work. Using bold swirls and intricate detailing, they create psychedelic characters that evoke allusive stories of power, sexuality, and mystery that are sure to connect with psychonauts from all walks of life. 

4.Pablo Amaringo, Visual Artist 

Psychedelic art
Pablo Amaringo

In the realm of ayahuasca artwork, Pablo Amaringo’s pieces stand out amongst the crowd. Gorgeous, vibrant colors swirl around his canvases to simulate shamanic visions throughout every unique piece. Amaringo trained as a curandero in the Amazon, healing himself and others from the age of ten, but retired in 1977 to become a full-time painter and art teacher at his Usko Ayar school in Pucullpa, Peru. A master communicator of the ayahuasca experience where snakes, jaguars, subterranean beings, celestial palaces, aliens, and spacecraft all converge, Amaringo’s art presents a doorway to the transcendent worlds of ayahuasca intended for contemplation, meditation, and inspiration. Whether you are a veteran psychedelic enthusiast or just diving into this art style, Amaringo’s psychedelic artwork is sure to evoke feelings of interconnectedness through its vibrancy and accuracy. 

5.Yayoi Kusama, Visual and Installation Artist 

Artists That Will Make You Visually Trip
Source: Yayoi Kusama seated in front of her artwork, 2012. Kirsty Wigglesworth—AP/

Last but certainly not least, we had to include the OG psychedelic artist, Yayoi Kusama. As a surrealist artist for over 7 decades, her timeless work never fails to delight. From signature spotted pumpkins to mesmerizing mirrored infinity rooms that blur the line between abstract art and reality, Kusama’s installations are intended to provoke different emotions in viewers and dissolve any differences between them. Some of her most famous works include Narcissus Garden, The Obliteration Room and Self-Obliteration, each of which explores themes of love, life and death. Whether through dot paintings or textiles, Kusama expresses herself in constantly evolving ways—proof that there’s still plenty left unexplored in the psychedelic arts scene after all these years.

Psychedelic artists are certainly having a moment right now, and it’s easy to see why. The vibrant colors, mind-bending shapes, and ability to express different mental states make for an incredibly interesting form of art. But psychedelic art isn’t just about looking cool or being trendy – it can also be used therapeutically to help people understand their own minds and the minds of others. If you want to learn more about psychedelic art or experience it firsthand, be sure to check out some of the artists we featured in this post!


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