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Psychedelic Halloween: Shopping Guide for Psychonauts

Boo! Did we catch you off guard? Good, because this Halloween, we're pushing the boundaries to give you a psychedelic Halloween like no other! Time is ticking, folks—you've got just one month left to gather your supplies, so consider this your spirited wake-up call. Intrigued?  We've gone the extra mile to curate an Amazon shopping […]


The Biggest Psychedelic News Stories of the Week – August 3rd

Massachusetts is pushing for legalization on the 2024 ballot, a move that could change the game. A recent study has found intriguing parallels between psychedelic and near-death experiences, deepening our understanding of these substances. Despite a shrinking stock universe, the field is buzzing with potential, especially with new insights into how psychedelics impact our brain and social cognition. However, federal laws are blocking further research due to Schedule I restrictions.