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The Biggest Psychedelic News This Week – October 23rd

As researchers investigate the potential of psilocybin in cancer patients and LSD as treatment for ADHD, the psychedelic ecosystem witnesses more acquisitions, patents, and decriminalization efforts. However, the space also sees reprimands for abuse by therapists and a pilot attributing almost shutting off plane engines to a “nervous breakdown” caused by shrooms.

Vancouver Has Been Doing Psychedelics Longer Than Your Mom

During the 1960s, Vancouver had a cultural shift; Vancouver's West End quickly became a vibrant hub that embraced rebellion against societal norms. As the Summer of Love captivated the youth of the United States, Vancouver also became an important node in this revolutionary movement, and West 4th Avenue became Canada’s version of Haight Street, San Fransisco. At the […]

Psychedelic Halloween: Shopping Guide for Psychonauts

Boo! Did we catch you off guard? Good, because this Halloween, we're pushing the boundaries to give you a psychedelic Halloween like no other! Time is ticking, folks—you've got just one month left to gather your supplies, so consider this your spirited wake-up call. Intrigued?  We've gone the extra mile to curate an Amazon shopping […]