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Biohacking: My Kambo Experience

There's a saying amongst those who work with plants as healers, and that saying goes something like “hearing the call of the plant medicine.” During the new moon of February 2023, I decided to undertake an ancient Kambo experience. In my case, I heard the calling of a different medicine- frog secretion. It's not psychedelic. […]


I Tried Chewing Coca Leaf for A Week

Earlier this month, I decided to venture out into the grey market that is psychedelic and psychoactive to procure new and exciting plant-based helpers for my everyday life. You might be wondering how I decided on chewing Coca Leaf for a week. Well, I'm busy. I have a full life replete with running a psychedelic […]

Virginia Legislators Want Legal Psilocybin

As the regulation of psychedelics has slowly shifted across the states, Virginia legislators are doing their part to join in on this movement. Del. Dawn Adams (D-Richmond), a nurse practitioner, and state Sen. Ghazala Hashmi (D-Chesterfield) filed almost identical measures last year to end the felony possession penalties for psilocybin mostly to protect practitioners! However the bill was killed for reasons such as not being able to control whether citizens would drive under the influence.