Empower Psychedelics
Empower Psychedelics

As the modern psychedelic renaissance continues to rise, there are more companies and organizations than ever dedicated to evangelizing on behalf of these compounds. While most focus on microdosing, one group is setting themselves apart by touting the benefits of hero doses, specifically of LSD.

Empower Psychedelics is a Canadian non-profit developing strategic environments for the legal use of entheogenic medicine. Focusing on using LSD as a key component of physical therapy and rehabilitation, Empower has seen incredible results when combining the drug with exercise. In addition to boosting benefits, the team found that physical activity actually aids in navigating a trip with ease.

The co-founders of Empower were inspired to start the organization after finding success in integrating exercise with their own psychedelic journeys. 

“The practice was groundbreaking personally as it enabled me to push well outside my comfort zone during training, particularly while recovering from body injuries. It was also an effective means of controlling higher doses of psychedelics,” they said.

In order to raise awareness and funding for their research, Empower launched the Running on Acid project. What began as a collection of original artwork inspired by various psychedelic trips, became the foundation for Empower to establish psychedelic therapy centers and clinical programs. They are now pursuing outside investment to expand their reach.

Initial research with first responders in group therapy settings has shown immense promise, helping those on the front lines of fires, accidents, and other emergencies heal both the body and mind.

“The response within the first responder community has been overwhelmingly positive, even above and beyond what we had hoped for,” the team said. “The sad reality is that rates of trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other psychological ailments are rising, somewhat unchecked, within these populations. Many traditional treatments are not the right fit or are ineffective for some, leaving many feeling hopeless and unsure of where to turn. We hope to help create a new, effective, and exciting avenue for treatment of these conditions and more.”


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