I Drank a 'Mushroom Latte' Every Morning for Two Weeks: Here's How I Felt
I Drank a 'Mushroom Latte' Every Morning for Two Weeks: Here's How I Felt

Ever think of giving up coffee? Me neither. But Everyday Dose is making me consider it.

I’ve been drinking the company’s trademarked ‘Mushroom Latte’ every morning for the last two weeks in place of the 2-3 cups of coffee I habitually consume, and I must admit: it’s a pretty good substitute.

“We’re not against coffee, we just want to make it healthier,” founder and CEO Jack Klauber tells Psychedelic Spotlight.

Everyday Dose is advertised as “an alternative to stimulants and highly caffeinated drinks,” relying primarily on a signature blend of mushrooms, collagen, and nootropics to activate dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins in the body. The company promises that regular consumption can lead to reduced anxiety, immune support, mental clarity, brighter skin, and better sleep.

I can’t vouch for all of those things in my experience, so far, but I can report a noticeable difference in mental clarity. I find my groggy morning haze fades away as I’m drinking the latte, and I’m ready to focus on editing all of the articles published on this site. After just one cup, I feel alert and awake, and I’m not experiencing a caffeine crash in the afternoon. Even on early mornings after late nights spent performing or enjoying shows in the Los Angeles music scene (my other life!), this latte seems to cure my exhaustion, and keeps me energized throughout the day. Perhaps that’s because of…

The Ingredients

Lion’s mane, chaga, collagen, Suntheanine, and coffee extract make up this 100% organic powdered blend. So, this is not caffeine free. But it’s 3 times less than the amount of the stimulant found in an average cup of coffee. According to the company, the coffee extract is used mainly to hide the mushroom flavor.

Lion’s mane is a mushroom with a reputation for improving cognitive functions, such as memory, recognition, and verbal fluency. It can also contribute to better, deeper sleep, and reduce mild anxiety and depression.

Chaga is a mushroom that Medical News Today describes as a superfood, because it’s loaded with nutrients including vitamin D, potassium, zinc, B-complex vitamins, calcium and amino acids. Everyday Dose calls it the “anti-viral king,” because research has shown it supports the immune system in a variety of ways.

Suntheanine is a patented name for pure form of L-theanine, which has been shown to promote an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness, so it’s a supplement used for stress and anxiety relief. Everyday Dose states, “It’s proven to reduce cortisol which is the ‘stress chemical’ in the body.” And people swear by its effectiveness if you browse Amazon reviews of various supplement brands.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. Research has shown it helps gut, joint, and skin health. The company also states “it makes the drink nice and creamy,” which leads to a big question that is likely on everyone’s mind.

How Does the Mushroom Latte Taste?

Honestly, pretty good. And it’s really easy to make.

I boil water in a tea pot, add one scoop of Everyday Dose to the sleek mug the company provides, fill it up about two thirds with hot water, add a quick pour of coffee creamer, stir it up, then I sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Everyday Dose isn’t lying about their mushroom latte being “nice and creamy.” I’ve never made a latte before, so I don’t know the secret to frothing milk, but I don’t really care, either. These quick and easy mushroom lattes tastes sweet, creamy, and smooth with a simple stir.

The flavor, though, will depend on the type of milk and how much is used. I like it a little sweet. And since the powder doesn’t have much flavor on its own, you really don’t need to add very much creamer to get that effect.

Is my skin brighter? I don’t know. Do I have less anxiety? I never had that much to begin with and am generally pretty laid back, so it’s hard to say. Am I sleeping better? I live in California and smoke legal indica cannabis every night, so I’ve been sleeping pretty good for a long time. Is my immune system stronger? I guess only time will tell.

But I can confidently conclude this after my two-week trial: I want more.

Just one mushroom latte wakes me up in the morning, compared to the 2-3 cups of highly caffeinated coffee I’ve been drinking most of my adult life, and I genuinely enjoy drinking the hot beverage. I feel relaxed, awake, aware, and ready to focus every day after just one daily dose of this stuff. If you’d like to give Everyday Dose a shot, click here to order a starter kit, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

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