How can someone legally access psychedelic therapy in Canada? This is the question that I ask David Harder, Founder and Co-CEO of ATMA.

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Psychedelic Spotlight

By now, most people watching this video are probably aware of the potential for psychedelic medicines, when combined with therapy, such as psilocybin and MDMA to treat a variety of mental health conditions. But receiving this treatment is still difficult.

In Canada, in addition to clinical trials, there are a couple of avenues that a patient can go through to receive psychedelic therapy. The first is called the Section 56 exemption, which has allowed dozens of people suffering from anxiety relating to terminal illnesses to undergo psilocybin therapy.

There is also a new avenue called the Health Canada “Special Access Program”, though relatively few people have gone through that route so far.

In the interview, we also discuss David’s company, ATMA. ATMA is a company that trains therapists to conduct psychedelic therapies. They also conduct therapy themselves.

Lastly, we discuss the upcoming Catalyst Psychedelic conference, happening in Kingston, Ontario between May 20-23rd. I will be there, and I hope to see you also!

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