In a world where wellness encompasses more than just physical health, The Body Workshop offers a unique platform for exploring the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Our first edition of this particular stream occurred on Tuesday, June 18th at 6pm PT and will occur biweekly. Through candid discussions and insightful exchanges, this online forum delves into the realms of psychedelics, meditation, and energy work, shedding light on the transformative power of these modalities. The tagline for the show is “embodiment and integration.” We navigate all experiences, psychedelic or otherwise, through our physical bodies, so why not be well equipped for said experiences by augmenting with skill sets that can help us reap maximum benefit from every journey we endeavor to take?

Our discussion on June 18th’s edition was led by hosts Maria Lopez, an energy medicine practitioner and Andrea Monier, a meditation instructor. The Body Workshop serves as a virtual sanctuary for individuals seeking healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. Drawing from their backgrounds in energy healing, meditation, and yoga, Maria and Andrea facilitated a conversation that challenged conventional notions of healing and invited participants to embrace holistic approaches to wellness.

The conversation on the 18th unfolded as a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives, woven together by the common thread of embodiment. From discussions on psychedelics to meditation practices, participants explored the nuances of healing within the context of the physical body and its energetic counterpart.

At the heart of the conversation was the role of psychedelics in catalyzing profound healing experiences. Participants shared personal anecdotes of their journeys with sacred medicines like psilocybin, highlighting the importance of intention setting and surrendering to the therapeutic process. For many, psychedelics offer a gateway to expanded consciousness, allowing them to transcend the limitations of the ego and connect with deeper truths. But that’s not to say that transcendental truth and liberated states of mind cannot be achieved without employing ceremonial medicines.

Central to the psychedelic experience was the notion of embodiment—the process of fully inhabiting the physical body and integrating insights gained from altered states of consciousness. As Maria aptly put it, “We are stuck in the meat suit,” emphasizing the necessity of honoring the body as a vessel for healing and transformation.

In addition to psychedelics, meditation emerged as a powerful tool for embodiment and self-awareness. Participants shared their meditation practices, ranging from mantra-based techniques to mindfulness meditation. Andrea emphasized the importance of cultivating presence and attuning to the wisdom of the heart, describing meditation as a pathway to inner peace and connection.

The conversation also delved into the concept of energetic healing and its intersection with psychedelics. Drawing from their experiences as energy healers, Maria and Andrea explored the subtle dynamics of the energy body during psychedelic experiences. They discussed the dissolution of the ego and the opening of the heart that often accompanies psychedelic journeys, emphasizing the profound shifts in consciousness that occur at the energetic level.

Throughout the stream, a theme of integration and embodiment permeated the dialogue, underscoring the importance of grounding spiritual insights in the physical realm. Participants shared their strategies for integrating psychedelic experiences into daily life, emphasizing the need for patience, self-compassion, and somatic practices.

As the workshop drew to a close, Maria and Andrea expressed gratitude for the shared wisdom and camaraderie that characterized the session. They encouraged participants to continue their journey of healing and self-discovery, reminding them that the path to wholeness is a lifelong pursuit.

It’s our hope that The Body Workshop may offer a beacon of hope and inspiration for those navigating the complexities of healing and embodiment. By fostering a supportive community and facilitating open dialogue, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their innate capacity for transformation and tap into the healing power that resides within.

We would love to have you be along for the conversation! Submit any questions you may have in advance to:, or tune in live, Tuesdays at 6pm Pacific. For now we are rotating week to week between SHROOMSTREAM, a live stream discussion on all things mushroom, and THE BODY WORKSHOP. Thanks for checking it out!

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