In today’s episode “MindMed Expands Microdosing Trials”, we’ll discuss a Big MindMed Stock Update.

On January 12th, MindMed ticker symbol (NEO: MMED ) and (OTC:MMEDF) put out a Press Release entitled MindMed Expands Psychedelic Microdosing Division, Adds Groundbreaking Study Evaluating LSD Microdosing Through Next-Gen Digital Clinical Markers. In other words, MindMed is expanding its LSD microdosing studies from just looking at how they can help those with adult ADHD, to how they could affect a more general population. This is BIG news the MindMed team and us shareholders.

As I mentioned in one of our previous episodes : “Why I’m More Excited About MindMed’s 18-MC than its LSD treatments”, MindMed has a diverse pipeline with other experiential drugs such as LSD for anxiety and psilocybin to treat ADHD. And If these trials come back successful, it’ll be the beginning of more LSD microdosing studies for MindMed.

In this episode, we will do three things:
1:We’ll read the Press Release and discuss what it means, in layman’s terms
2: We’ll enter the Speculation Zone to discuss the potential effects of this move
3: We’ll discuss how this expansion affects MindMed stock as an investment

So, what does this all mean for investors?
Can we assume that MindMed’s LSD microdosing to treat ADHD trial is going well? This, even without the new trials, would be very good news for us long term investors. Moreover, this new study shows that MindMed is continuing to expand their potential product pipeline which will also look great for the MMED/ MMEDF Stock.

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