Hey guys! Today, we’ll cover Part 2 of our discussion on MindMed’s (MMED / MNMD / MMQ) conference call.
In the previous episode, we talked about the progress MindMed has made up until this point, MindMed’s mission, talent Acquisition, and the progress of their clinical trials.

In today’s episode, we will take a more futuristic approach and examine the future plans discussed in MindMed’s Q1 conference call. We will cover topics such as:

A. Where is MindMed going?
B. What is MindMed 2.0?
C. What will MindMed in 3 years time look like as compared to now?

Over the next several years, we expect 4 transformations to occur.
1. MindMed’s transition to a tech company, from a pharmaceuticals company;
2. The shift from classic psychedelics like LSD to “next generation” patent protected substances;
3. Reorientation away from one size fits all medical solutions towards personalized medicine;
4. Finding Partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies.

0:00 – Intro
2:16 – MindMed transitioning to a tech company
7:14 -Next-gen shift
12:11 – Personalized medicine
13:59 – Partnerships

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