In today’s episode, we speak with the leaders of Psilera Bioscience, Chris Witowski and Jackie von Salm, who discuss the revolution in mental health care that psychedelics represent.

Psilera is a company focused on using chemistry to find the ideal psycho-active substance. They are also interested in the intersection between consciousness and psychedelics.

A couple of the questions Psilera hopes to answer are as follows:
1. Can psychedelics treat addiction?
2. Can psychedelics treat mood disorders?

In this fantastic conversation, while focusing on the science of psychedelics, the co-founders also dig deep into the philosophy of psychedelics. For example, can psychedelics be both medicines and recreational? And if they are medicinal, what are the differences between substances like psilocybin, LSD and DMT?

In the discussion, it is mentioned that it is important to not just treat the symptoms of trauma, but get at the root causes, which they believe psychedelics and psychedelic therapy can do.

Enjoy this great conversation!


00:00- Intro + why are psychedelics as medicines appealing?
2:22- Consciousness and psychedelics
4:12- Can psychedelics treat addiction and Mood Disorders?
11:11 – Can Psychedelics be both medicine and used recreationally?
13:50- Our addiction culture and whether psychedelics can help

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