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What’s up psychedelic stocks investors?!? Today marked MindMed’s (MNMD /MMED) Second Quarter 2021 conference call. In the conference call, MindMed gave updates on their varying projects, such as treating anxiety with LSD, addiction with 18MC, and pain with LSD. They also give insights into their digital medicines division and gave an update on their hiring spree.

This Kevin O’Leary-backed psychedelic therapies company is fighting for the title of the most advanced psychedelic stock. With 17+ different projects under their belt, MindMed is one of the most exciting companies to keep an eye on in the industry.

This conference call can help investors answer the questions: is MNMD stock a good investment? Will MMED go up? Are psychedelic stocks / shroom stocks good investments? Can psychedelics heal depression? Can psychedelics be used for mental health?

Enjoy the episode!

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