Artechouse's 'Beyond The Light Exhibition is NASA and AI inspired Psychedelic Odyssey
Artechouse's 'Beyond The Light Exhibition is NASA and AI inspired Psychedelic Odyssey

If you have ever asked anyone who has experienced ego death, after fearlessly submerging into a full  psychedelic experience, to describe their quest into altered states of consciousness, you most probably were met with answers such as: “It’s ineffable”, “It’s beyond what the human language can describe through words”, or… “You travel through space and time and you cease to exist, shedding parts of yourself until you’re one with the universe.” Yes, these descriptions are quite vague. And while they may give you some insight into what one may expect to experience visually, the feelings of wonder and psyche dissolution are left to the imagination.

Thanks to Artechouse‘s bold collaboration with NASA, art lovers and the psychedelic curious can now immerse themselves into a real psychedelic galactic reverie – getting a visual glimpse of the ephemeral vista of the cosmos or what may also be a DMT trip.

NASA'S Beyond the Light art show
Still from “Beyond the Light”. Photo: courtesy Artechouse.

Titled ‘Beyond the Light‘, the art show uses data collected from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope in combination with AI in order to illustrate the “unseen depths of our universe.”  Through it’s collaboration with NASA scientists, astrophysicists, and heliophysics, Artechouse’s 25-minute cosmic exhibition has melded into union stunning imagery immortalized by the space telescope with AI-aided visual production with the goal to push “the boundaries of our imagination, celebrating the spirit of exploration and discovery of our universe and creation.”

In an interview with Artnet News, Sandro Kereselidze, Artechouse’s Chief Creative Officer, said, “We believe art, science, and technology can come together to offer a fascinating experience. This exhibition takes science and data that already exists and brings it to life artistically in a way that’s never been done before.”

Beyond the Light‘, which runs through August 31 in NYC, uses integrates Hyperreal Sound technology and the largest megapixel count projections, making it the most sophisticated  artistic stage in the world. Artists and visitors can find the exhibition within the transformed walls of Chelsea Market’s century-old boiler room.

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