New Video Series “PSYC Taboo” Explores the Boundaries of Psychedelics and Society
New Video Series “PSYC Taboo” Explores the Boundaries of Psychedelics and Society

It’s long been a societal “taboo” to combine sex and psychedelics, but recent research suggests that doing so can provide an enhanced physical and mental pleasure experience.

In this episode, we will discuss solo psychedelic experiences, the potential for mind-blowing orgasms, and the outlook for privacy in 2023 as more individuals opt for alternative forms of intimacy.

So come join the conversation as we discuss about how tapping into our primal sensuality through the combination of sex and psychedelics is in fact our divine right. Let’s get real & uncover what happens around blending these two powerful forces to manifest next level pleasure!

PSYC Taboo ep 1: Sex & Psychedelics – Pleasure Is Your Divine Right

In the first episode titled “Pleasure Is Your Divine Right,” we explore the relationship between sex and psychedelics. Despite being taboo, we will delve into personal experiences and testimonies from a Type 1 Diabetic, who shares how psychedelics enhanced their sexual life and brought a new level of pleasure.

PSYC Taboo is a segment where we take you into a wonderful tour of the world of psychedelics, sex, imagination, creativity, and everything in between.

Respected experts within the psychedelics community, like licensed psychotherapist Lauren Taus who practices Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy in Los Angeles, Dr. David Tripp from Antioch University Los Angeles, and noted sex scholar and bestselling author Nadège, offer informative commentary in the episode.

Christian Cintron, a writer, comedian, and actor, adds comedic relief to the episode. Psychedelic Spotlight plans to release more episodes of this season of PSYC Taboo, exploring other areas where sex and psychedelics intersect. This exploration comes at a time when more people are experimenting with psychedelics.

The purpose is for upcoming seasons of the show to focus on other significant topics related to psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted therapy that are gaining relevance within the community. This will further enhance the authority of PSYC in this sector through Psychedelic Spotlight.

“The genesis of PSYC Taboo started with acknowledging just how complex and diverse the psychedelics community is and has always been,” said PSYC CEO and PSYC Taboo Executive Producer, David Flores.

“For better or worse, the biotech and drug development side of this sector has been at the forefront, from a public eye perspective, of the psychedelics movement in recent years. However, in our opinion it does not offer a complete representation of what is currently happening within a society that is becoming increasingly open to the exploration of psychedelics.”

“Our goal with PSYC Taboo is to take people on a journey that is every bit as entertaining and candid as it is informative and inspiring and that spotlights a side of psychedelic exploration that is not often covered by today’s media. The topics and conversations may be uncomfortable to some, but we believe they are things that a lot of people out there are already talking about behind closed doors or are at the very least curious about. At the end of the day, we believe that if we are going to succeed in responsibly removing the stigma that has been tied to psychedelics for decades, we need to be able to normalize conversations that go well beyond their potential outside of just a medical context,” Flores continued.

All in all, PSYC Taboo is pushing boundaries and challenging us to look at psychedelics in a whole new light. This series of interviews provides an unbelievable depth of insight into the unknown and allows us to reach new levels of understanding – some that may spark uncomfortable conversations, but ones that must be had if the stigma around psychedelics is going to be removed.

Although it isn’t an easy feat, through stories shared by real people, we are armed with a greater knowledge and appreciation for these substances, which can help propel us towards a better world where psychedelics are accepted and respected. We are on the brink of something revolutionary and this community-driven project has set out to make sure we seize that opportunity and make our future brighter than ever before.

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