In this episode James, from The Psychedelic Investor, sits down with Numinus Wellness’ (OTC: NUMIF, TSX.V: NUMI) CEO Payton Nyquvest for the Psychedelic Spotlight Podcast.

Numinus is a Psychedelic Medicines company focused on scaling up psychedelic therapy. Perhaps most exciting is their partnership with MAPS, where the two companies are working together to provide MDMA assisted therapy to adults suffering from PTSD. Together they hope to answer the question: Can MDMA treat PTSD?

Numinus is also working with psilocybin, though they are growing natural psilocybin fungi to use, as opposed to most other companies which are using synthetic psilocybin. Numinus wants to use this natural psilocybin to treat addiction (substance use disorder). Can psilocybin treat addiction? Numinus wants to find out.

On top of all of this, Numinus also currently runs ketamine clinics to treat depression across Canada. Once MDMA therapy becomes legalized, Numinus will expand these clinics operations to include MDMA therapy for PTSD. Can ketamine treat depression? Numi is testing it!

Perhaps most interestingly. Payton of Numinus and James discussed how they thought society would change with the acceptance and eventual legalization of psychedelics. Would the world become a better place? One can only hypothesize.

Enjoy the episode!

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