Sol Psychedelphia is a community education event that supports building relationships through the exchange of ideas around plant medicine, fungi, and entheogens that support mental health & wellness. You’ll hear from regional scientists, licensed professionals, educators and activists in the space. Join us for panel discussions on relevant topics, learn about fungi as functional medicine, explore family friendly activities, visit vendors, and celebrate with live music. We’re bringing together a meaningful collective of minds to celebrate the rebirth of the psychedelic renaissance for health, healing and happiness.

 “This event wisely explores and intentionally focuses on living better through evidence-based science and the potential that plant and entheogenic substances have for transformative healthcare”, Mia Lowry, Director of Outreach.

Our expert guided discussions will delve into the unprecedented mental health crisis and how efforts towards decriminalization can help, therapeutic effectiveness of psychedelics in guided sessions, and how to balance our minds and bodies using plant medicine.

 A new wave of scientific research into the beneficial uses of plant and entheogenic substances is rapidly evolving and conversations are becoming mainstream. Having these informative and brave discussions is vital to those who would benefit the most.

Admission is a $5 donation collected at the time of ticket purchase which goes directly to Decriminalize Nature Philly and Balanced Veterans Network as they continue their vital work in our community.

Sol Psychedelphia is presented in partnership with Psychedelic Spotlight and the Spore Group.

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About the Spore Group

The Spore Group works to inspire others to share their healing journeys, embrace inclusion by extending and fostering connections between communities, and enables the exchange of trustworthy and insightful information to support independent learning and empowerment. Nothing at our event is intended to encourage or support illegal behavior or the use of illegal substances.

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