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moms who microdose

The Growing Trend of Moms Who Microdose

The constant stress of motherhood can lead to chronic depression and burnout, but these UK moms who microdose think they have found the solution
DEA wont ban DOI DOC

Breaking: DEA Backs Off, Won’t Criminalize Two New Psychedelics

The DEA backs off announces they are withdrawing a proposed rule to ban the psychedelic drugs DOI and DOC, at least for now
Psychedelic Masculinity

Do You Even Trip, Bro? On Psychedelic Masculinity

Professional athletes and men's wellness gurus are turning to psychedelics to explore their inner selves. What's going on with psychedelic masculinity?
DEA bans psychedelic drugs

The DEA is Attempting to Ban Two New Psychedelic Drugs

The DEA moves to ban two obscure psychedelic drugs, DOI and DOC, amidst ongoing calls to ease restrictions on psychedelic medicines

How Microdosing and Functional Mushrooms Transformed Alli Schaper’s Health

More people are turning to microdosing and functional mushrooms to improve mood and health, and the Microdosing Collective is here to help

Psychedelic Clinical Trials and the Michael Pollan Effect

With the incredible popularity of “How to Change Your Mind,” Michael Pollan sells people on psychedelic treatments that are not yet available
How to Smoke DMT

How to Smoke DMT for Beginners in 5 Easy Steps

People who smoke DMT describe an intense and profound psychedelic experience, but there's a trick to getting the most out of each hit
Psychedelic podcasts

The Top 5 Psychedelics Podcasts

New psychedelic podcasts are popping up every week, but which ones are worth listening to? Here's a few of our favorites.
Depression SSRIS and Psychedelics

The Truth about Depression: Serotonin, SSRIs and Psychedelics

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A new review finds that the chemical imbalance model of depression is wrong. What lessons can we learn about depression, SSRIs and psychedelics?
DEA psychedelicsShutterstock

The DEA Backs Down, Will Not Criminalize 5 Psychedelics

This week the DEA announced it would withdraw its plan to schedule 5 research psychedelics. But we shouldn't celebrate just yet