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An Urgent Legal Primer on Toronto’s Shroom Shop Explosion

An Urgent Legal Primer on Toronto’s Shroom Shop Explosion

The growing presence of shroom shops in Toronto is causing concern due to public confusion over the legal status of psilocybin.
Shrooms vs. LSD: Differences, Similarities & More

Shrooms vs. LSD: Differences, Similarities & Research Progress

A direct comparison between the subjective effects, onset time, mystical experience and research of shrooms vs. LSD.
Toronto’s 3rd Mushroom Dispensary JUST OPENED, they say they are here to “Improve Lives”

Toronto’s 3rd Mushroom Dispensary Just Opened; They Say They Are Here to “Improve Lives”

On Friday March 17th 2023, The Shroom Room opened its first location in the trendiest part of the city; Queen Street West. This marks Toronto’s third opening of a magic mushrooms  dispensary.
How to grow magic mushrooms at home

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms At Home

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to grow magic mushrooms from the comfort of your home easily and for a relatively low cost.
conversation between DMT, Shrooms and LSD

We asked ChatGPT to Simulate a Conversation Between DMT, Shrooms and LSD

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and have a conversation with the big three of psychedelics: DMT, Shrooms, and LSD?
Psychedelic Twitter Bots

Psychedelic Twitter is Swarmed by Plug Bots

Psychedelic Twitter is a place for many interesting discussions, until you say "shrooms", and then swarms of plug bots arrive