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Journeying Beyond the Self: Timothy Leary's 5 Levels of Psychedelic Experiencembruxelle

Journeying Beyond the Self: Timothy Leary’s 5 Levels of Psychedelic Experience

The psychedelic experience can be downright tantalizing for the unprepared folk. While most trips can lead to profound feelings of interconnectedness and life-changing introspective or philosophical insights, without preparation, some people may increase their chances of a tantalizing bad trip. One way to reduce the possibility of a challenging trip is to get an introduction of Timothy Leary's five levels of the psychedelic experience.
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The Day I Met Timothy Leary Changed My Life Forever

At the age of 16 I ran into Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg on the street in Denver. Our discussion changed my life forever
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The Narrowing of Psychedelic Discourse

Psychedelic discourse was once filled with visions of infinite possibilities, but recently the conversation has turned to more mundane concerns