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Kanna Effects: The Science Behind Kanna’s Health Benefits

One of the most acclaimed benefits of Kanna is its potential to alleviate anxiety. The active alkaloids in Kanna, particularly mesembrine and mesembrenone, are believed to interact with serotonin receptors, promoting a calming effect and reducing anxiety levels. A 2012 study found Kanna to be promising in the treatment of anxiety.

Dosed 2: The Trip of a Lifetime – A Documentary That Falls Short in Providing a Complete Look into the Use of Psychedelics for Terminal Cancer

Dosed 2: The Trip of a Lifetime is a 2023 documentary, and second release from directors Tyler Chandler and Nicholas Meyers that focuses on how psychedelics have deeply transformed the lives of people undergoing hardships. In Dosed 2, we follow the life of Laurie Brooks, a woman diagnosed with colon cancer that is granted the […]