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The Psychedelic Fashion That Stood Out at Austin Psych Fest

It’s been a week since Austin Psych Fest occurred at The Far Out Lounge in Austin, Texas. Showcasing psychedelic acts such as Melody’s Echo Chamber, Yves Tumor, Crumb, and Cuco, Austin Psych Fest celebrated its 15th year anniversary, and returned from its hiatus, to celebrate psychedelic music, its history, and impact. Even though this year’s […]


Is It Safe for Older People to Take Psychedelics? Here’s What the Research Says

As the global population ages, the question of whether psychedelics are safe for older people becomes increasingly relevant. While the potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy for a range of psychological conditions have been demonstrated in clinical trials, the safety of these substances for older adults remains a concern. Studies on older people is imperative, as […]