Psychedelics have long fascinated humanity, offering a pathway to altered states of consciousness and expanded perception. These mind-altering substances hold the potential to unlock profound insights, enhance creativity, and facilitate spiritual exploration. Among the diverse array of psychedelic compounds, Penis Envy mushrooms stand out as a potent and enigmatic variety.

What Are Penis  Envy Mushrooms?

Penis Envy mushrooms, like other Psilocybe cubensis varieties, belong to the fungi kingdom. They are a type of hallucinogenic mushroom that contains the psychoactive compound psilocybin.

While other psilocybin mushrooms can also produce psychedelic effects, Penis Envy mushrooms are among the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strains, and compared to Golden Teachers, it is a lot harder to grow them.

In this guide, we’ll delve the long and convoluted history of their name and discovery, the different varieties of PE mushrooms, their potency, how to dose them, and how to cultivate them.

How Did Penis Envy Mushrooms Get Their Name?

In terms of their physical appearance, Penis Envy mushrooms are characterized by their unique and unmistakable shape of a penis. They possess thick, stunted stems and broad, bulbous caps, resembling the male genitalia that inspired their name.

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Culture of penis envy mushrooms
Penis Envy mushrooms are named for their infamous phallic look. Source: Third Wave

These mushrooms have earned a reputation for their remarkable potency and distinct appearance. The name itself sparks curiosity and amusement, but beyond its provocative Freudian moniker lies a fascinating history and an intriguing psychedelic journey.

The Virile Influence of Penis Envy Potency

Penis Envy mushrooms quickly gained recognition among psychonauts and psychedelic enthusiasts after their discovery. The unique characteristics of the strain, including its potency and profound effects, captured the imagination of many. As word spread, the reputation of Penis Envy mushrooms grew, contributing to the broader cultural phenomenon of psychedelic exploration.

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One of the defining features of Penis Envy mushrooms that has made them so popular is their enhanced psilocybin content. Psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound, is converted into psilocin when ingested, producing the psychedelic effects.

Penis Envy mushrooms are known for having higher concentrations of psilocybin compared to other strains of Psilocybe cubensis. As a result, the effects of Penis Envy mushrooms tend to be more potent, intense, and long-lasting, for the most part. Potency differs even between mushrooms of the same culture, but for the most part, they are generally more potent than your average P. cubensis.

Well, in the fall of 2022, Psilly Simon was awarded first place in the spiritual category of the Psilocybin Cup with his own Penis Envy strain entry, called shiva lingams. The Psilocybin Cup is an event held by Oakland Hyphae that tests the potency of entrants’ mushrooms to determine the most potent strains of the either spring or fall. Simon’s strain was found to have 22mg of psilocybin per gram, meaning it was 30% more potent that the second-place awardee, and two to four times more potent than the normal psilocybin mushroom! That’s very, very potent. And while this is just one man’s specific strain, it is easy to get an idea of the Penis Envy’s potency.

But it is important to note that the potencies of Penis Envy can differ vastly even among individual mushrooms from the same culture. One may get a mushroom that is 10% more potent, or perhaps 30%, or up to four times stronger. One can never be sure how strong a Penis Envy mushroom will be, and Psilocybin Cup results have shown that their potency can be random and unpredictable, so it is important to be aware of this, if planning on consuming them.

The Different Variants of Penis Envy

While the original Penis Envy strain remains the most well-known, there are a few notable variants that have emerged over time. These variants offer unique characteristics and experiences, adding to the diversity within the Penis Envy lineage.

Penis Envy Uncut

This variant is an extension of the original Penis Envy strain, known for its distinct appearance resembling male genitalia. Penis Envy Uncut maintains the signature thick stems and bulbous caps but with a more elongated and tapered shape. Some users claim that this variant exhibits a slightly milder potency while still delivering a powerful psychedelic journey.

Penis Envy Albino

Albino Penis Envy
Photo by MyShrooms

As the name suggests, Penis Envy Albino is characterized by its lack of pigmentation, resulting in a pure white coloration. This variant is highly sought after for its striking aesthetic appeal. While the potency is similar to other Penis Envy strains, some users report a unique sensory experience and a subtle variation in the overall journey.

Penis Envy #6

Penis Envy #6
Image by Spore Syringe

Penis Envy #6 is a variant that arose through independent cultivation efforts. It is recognized for its distinctive appearance, with thick, short stems and large caps, often displaying a more rounded shape compared to other strains. Users have described the effects of Penis Envy #6 as potent and transformative, with a strong emphasis on introspection and spiritual exploration.

Trans Envy

Trans envy
Courtesy of Reddit

Trans envy is a type of cannabis that has been created by crossing the South African Transkei strain with another strain. It has thinner stems and is less potent than other PE varieties.


This is a type of mushroom that is similar to the Albino Penis Envy, but is more potent. It is known as the Albino Penis Envy variation and is also white in color.

Pearly Gates

penis envy mushrooms
Image from Healing Mushrooms

The Pearly Gates mushrooms are white, but they are actually a different type of the original Penis Envy mushroom.

It’s important to note that the characteristics and effects of these variants can vary between individual specimens and cultivation practices. .

The Folkloric History of Penis Envy Mushrooms

The discovery of Penis Envy mushrooms is complex and filled with mythology and intrigue. A 2009 article written by Hamilton Morris for Vice, he recounts how in 1971, renowned ethnobotanist Terence McKenna traveled to the Amazonian jungle to investigate a purported mysterious blue substance that came out of the mouth, anus, and genitals of shamans while in drug-induced states. He began taking mushrooms to see if any traces of this mysterious blue goo could be found in his feces, and it was during this exploration that he stumbled upon a unique mutation of the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom growing on the dung of local Zebu cattle.

Photo of Terrence McKenna, famous ethnobotanist and mushroom enthusiast
Terrence McKenna, the discoverer of the original mushroom spores that gave rise to the Penis Envy strain. Source: JSTOR Daily.

McKenna collected the spores and returned to the United States. When he returned, he sent renowned mycologist Steven Pollock a spore sample labeled “Amazonian.” Pollock dusted the spores into a mason jar of manure and set it aside to inoculate and grow. After mycelium colonized the jar and mushrooms began to fruit, Pollock noticed that this species was a towering monster unlike anything that had been discovered in the West up to that point. He then undertook the genetic experiment of trying to create the first penis-shaped mushroom. Pollock chose and crossed only the thickest, tallest, healthiest mushrooms, and after years of doing so, his experiment gave fruit to the first erect penis mushroom. He collected the spores on an index card and sent it to Washington. After returning home, he was shot in the back of the head by three men, and the San Antonio Police Department then confiscated 1,758 jars of mushrooms along with 10lbs of truffles, where they then transported them to a landfill and set everything on fire.  His murder remains unsolved to this day. Later that week, Washington-based mycologist Rich Gee received an envelope that contained a spore print labeled “Penis.”

Steven Pollock, famous mycologist who independently researched Penis Envy mushrooms.
Steven Pollock’s involvement in the history of Penis Envy mushrooms has been one filled with conspiracy, folklore, and intrigue. Source: MEL Magazine

One would assume that Gee would then go on to spread the Penis Envy strain throughout the world, but this is only where things get more mysterious. Rumors of Rich Gee’s involvement in the dissemination of Penis Envy are rampant but hard to verify. Gee has only given one interview in his life and is a recluse in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. His involvement in the history of Penis Envy became folkloric. People would then say that Gee said McKenna developed the Penis Envy mushroom, but not even McKenna’s brother Dennis knew anything about that. So since 2009, that was the basic understanding of the history of Penis Envy mushrooms…until 2021.

History Revisited and Revised

In 2021, Hamilton Morris managed to track down Rich Gee and invite him to be interviewed on his podcast. In the episode, Gee sets the record straight on the real history of the Penis Envy mushroom. He corroborated the stories of McKenna’s initial discovery of the spores in the Amazonian jungle, but revised how exactly Gee got to receive the spores in the first place. Gee explains that he got hold of the Penis Envy spores not from Pollock, as once originally thought, but from his friend Jules Stevens, who obtained the spores from a friend, who got them directly from McKenna. So Pollock’s involvement was independent of Gee’s, who both had their own set of Penis Envy spores.

Gee was able to purify the spores and create a clean culture grown in an aquarium system he developed. He took the a mutant strain whose cap didn’t stand up and cloned it until a relatively normal mushroom fruited. He began choosing large mushrooms with strong blue bruising (indicating high potency) to clone and grew them in a high-quality cow manure compost recipe he developed. So was artificially selecting large, potent mushrooms the way that these mushrooms began to take their infamous penis shape? Not at all. Gee said the shape was not a characteristic he selected for and was simply accidental.

In fact, Penis Envy mushrooms were not even named after their shape to begin with. Up to the point that Gee had been cultivating them, the mushrooms were going by the name “Amazons.” That was until 1977 when Gee had a chance meeting with some strippers to whom he showed the bag of mushrooms to and they exclaimed, “they look like donkey dongs.” Gee replied, “Do you have Penis Envy?” and boom – the birth of the famous name. Kind of lame, in my opinion, and reads like a ‘90s stoner comedy script, but alas!

Evidently, the history of the Penis Envy mushroom is convoluted and filled with folklore and mystery, which makes their existence all more exciting.


How to Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis Envy mushrooms are notoriously harder to grow than normal mushrooms
Penis Envy mushrooms can be harder to grow than regular ones, so it is recommended for beginners to start with an easier strain. Source: Leafly

Due to their popularity and unique characteristics, Penis Envy mushrooms have become a sought-after strain among cultivators and enthusiasts. Cultivating these mushrooms requires knowledge and expertise in mycology, as they have specific growth requirements.

The cultivation process involves:

  • Creating a suitable substrate
  • Inoculating it with spores or mycelium
  • Providing optimal environmental conditions for growth

These are not beginner-friendly mushrooms, so it is best to choose a mushroom that matches the user’s experience and get accustomed to the practices of cultivating mushrooms first before embarking on Penis Envy.

Equipment and Ingredients You’ll need:

  • Spore syringe
  • Organic brown rice flour
  • Vermiculite
  • Spring Water
  • Half-pint jars
  • Measuring cup
  • Mixing Bowl
  • A Strainer
  • Heavy-Duty aluminum Foil
  • Large Cooking pot
  • Small towel (or paper towels)
  • Micropore tape
  • Small nail
  • Drill (with a quarter-inch drill bit)
  • Micropore tape
  • Mist spray bottle
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Propane torch lighter
  • Surface disinfectant
  • Air sanitizer
  • Latex gloves
  • Surgical mask
  • Clear plastic storage box
  • Hammer

Step-by-Step Instructions to Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

Step 1: Prepare your Substrate:

  • Mix the brown rice flour, the water and the vermiculite. This will make your substrate.
  • Add your substrate into sterile glass jars.
  • Add the spores into the jars to stimulate mycelium growth

Step 2: Incubate

  • Put your inoculated jars in a dark and warm place for 2 to 4 weeks.

This will allow the mycelium to grow.

Step 3: Submerge

  • After the wait period, remove the colonized cakes from the jars and submerge them in cold water for a period between 12 to 24 hours.

The cold shock will stimulate mushroom fruiting.

Step 4: Make a fruiting chamber

  • Use the clear plastic container as a fruiting chamber
  • Create a layer to maintain humidity by soaking and draining your perlite.
  • Mist and fan daily in order to make sure there is proper moisture and air.

It will take about a week for the penis envy mushrooms to start growing.

Step 5: Harvest your PE mushrooms

When you see that the veil under the mushroom caps starts tearing, harvest our mushrooms.

Can Penis Envy Mushrooms Be Used Therapeutically?

Psychedelic substances, including Penis Envy mushrooms, have shown promising potential in therapeutic settings. Research suggests that they may be effective in treating mental health disorders such as anorexiatobacco addictionalcohol use disorderweight gainmajor depressive disordertreatment-resistant depression and more. The profound and introspective nature of the experience can help individuals gain new perspectives, process traumatic memories, and promote emotional healing.

While Penis Envy mushrooms are not specifically being used therapeutically right now in psychedelic-assisted therapy. But psychedelic experiences conducted in a controlled and supportive environment, has demonstrated positive outcomes, with participants reporting significant reductions in symptoms and an increased sense of well-being. As the field of psychedelic research expands, there will be growing interest in exploring their therapeutic potential, including that of Penis Envy mushrooms and their unique properties.

Challenges and Dosing Considerations

Microdose 0.1g – 0.5gSub perceptual changes. No hallucinations Enhanced flow Sates
Potential to reduce anxiety, stress and focus
 Low dose/ Museum dose0.5g – 1.5gMore noticeable effects like light visuals, warm feelings, euphoria. However, you’ll still be able to perform cognitive tasks.
Moderate dose2g to 3.5gMore pronounced psychedelic effects such as, fractal, geometric visuals, introspective thoughts, synesthesia, disorientation, increased flow of ideas, amplification of emotions, increased yawning during come-up, difficulty with cognitive tasks, reality-altering hallucinations.
High dose3.5g – 5g Intense psychedelic trips that can induce mystical and spiritual experiences and ego dissolution, mystical experiences, meetings with otherworldly beings, time dissociation, difficulty with cognitive tasks, potential bad trips.
Reference table describing the psychedelic effects of dried shrooms.

While the journey with Penis Envy mushrooms can be transformative, it is crucial to approach them with caution and respect. The intensity and unpredictability of the experience can be overwhelming for some individuals, especially those who are inexperienced or unprepared. It is essential to carefully consider the set and setting, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the journey.

Proper psychological preparation, including self-reflection, intention setting, and understanding the potential risks and benefits, is crucial for a positive experience. Integration after the journey is equally important, allowing individuals to process and incorporate the insights gained into their daily lives. It is recommended to engage in psychedelic experiences under the guidance of experienced trip sitters or facilitators who can provide support and ensure safety.

It is of upmost importance to remember that these mushrooms are more potent, so the average psilocybin dose may be far too much for an inexperienced person. With regular mushrooms, 3.5 grams is enough to give you a proper, profound trip, but the same amount with Penis Envy mushrooms will be notably stronger and can be difficult to navigate if not ready. As a precaution, it is recommended to start with lower doses (around 1 gram) and work up to a dose that works for the individual. Usually, lower doses of Penis Envy mushrooms are enough to give the same effects as those of higher doses of regular mushrooms.

Penis Envy Mushrooms Psychedelic Effects

Penis Envy mushrooms are known to provoke and intense psychedelic experience. They are known for their potent effects, which can be more intense compared to other strains. This intensity can lead to:

  • Overwhelming sensations
  • Perceptual distortions
  • Profound alteration of consciousness
  • Synesthesia
  • Amplified positive or negative feelings
  • Nausea, dizziness (during come-up)
  • Deep introspective thoughts
  • Ego dissolution (at high doses)

It’s important to be prepared for the potential intensity and ensure a safe and supportive environment for the experience.

Side Effects of Penis Envy Mushrooms

While the journey with Penis Envy mushrooms can be transformative and awe-inspiring, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects and risks associated with their use. Here are some common side effects that individuals may experience:

  1. Anxiety and Paranoia: High doses of psychedelics, including Penis Envy mushrooms, can sometimes induce anxiety, fear, or paranoia during the experience. These feelings can arise due to the profound alterations in perception and thought processes. It is crucial to approach the journey with a calm and open mindset, and if such feelings arise, having a trusted guide or supportive companion can be beneficial.
  2. Physical Discomfort: Some individuals may experience physical discomfort during the psychedelic experience, including nausea, dizziness, or changes in body temperature. These effects are generally temporary and tend to subside as the journey progresses. Adequate hydration, maintaining a comfortable environment, and practicing deep breathing techniques can help alleviate physical discomfort.
  3. Emotional Vulnerability: Psychedelics can amplify emotions, potentially leading to moments of emotional vulnerability or catharsis. This can involve experiencing deep-rooted emotions, processing traumatic memories, or confronting challenging aspects of oneself. While this can be therapeutic, it is important to approach the experience with a supportive mindset and have integration strategies in place for post-journey reflection and processing.
  4. Risk of Bad Trips: In rare cases, individuals may experience challenging or “bad trips” characterized by overwhelming anxiety, confusion, or a sense of being out of control. These experiences can be distressing, but they are typically temporary and can be mitigated by creating a safe and comfortable environment, practicing mindfulness techniques, and having a trusted guide or support system available.

It’s worth noting that the potential for side effects can vary between individuals and is influenced by factors such as dose, individual sensitivity, set and setting, and mental state. To minimize risks and enhance the overall experience, it is advisable to approach the use of Penis Envy mushrooms with proper preparation.

The legal status of psychedelic substances, including Penis Envy mushrooms, varies across countries and jurisdictions. In some places, they are classified as illegal drugs, while in others, they may be decriminalized or legally available for medical or religious purposes.

It is essential to be aware of the legal implications before engaging with these substances. In the United States, Penis Envy mushrooms, along with all other P. cubensis strains, are still considered Schedule I drugs at a federal level. Colorado legalized the use of psilocybin mushrooms in 2022 with Prop 122, along with other states like Oregon having decriminalized them. There has been a lot of legal updates regarding psilocybin throughout the country in the past couple of months, so it is important to be up to date on the legal status of psilocybin in your individual location.

Public perception of psychedelics has evolved over the years. While there is a growing body of scientific evidence supporting their potential benefits, misconceptions and stigma still persist. Responsible education and open dialogue are necessary to address these misconceptions and foster a more informed and balanced understanding of psychedelic substances.

Final Thoughts

Penis Envy mushrooms have carved out a unique space in the world of psychedelics, captivating the minds of individuals seeking profound experiences and spiritual exploration. Their reputation for potency, distinctive appearance, and transformative effects, along with its wild mythical history, has propelled them to the forefront of psychedelic culture.

As society’s understanding of psychedelics evolves, it is essential to approach these substances with respect, responsibility, and an informed perspective. The journey with Penis Envy mushrooms can offer deep introspection, emotional healing, and expanded consciousness, but it also presents challenges and risks that must be carefully navigated. It is imperative to be aware of the difference in dose effects compared to those of normal P. cubensis.

Ultimately, the profound journey of Penis Envy mushrooms invites individuals to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, where the boundaries of perception are stretched and new realms of consciousness are explored. With proper knowledge, preparation, and guidance, these enigmatic fungi can serve as catalysts for transformative experiences and a deeper understanding of the human mind and spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Penis Envy mushrooms more potent than other psilocybin mushrooms?

Penis Envy mushrooms are known for their higher psilocybin content compared to many other strains of psilocybin mushrooms. This can result in more potent and intense psychedelic effects. However, it’s important to remember that individual experiences may still vary depending on factors such as dose and personal sensitivity.

Due to their increased potency, lower doses of Penis Envy mushrooms are often recommended compared to other strains. It is crucial to start with a conservative dose and gradually increase if desired. The recommended dose range for normal mushrooms can vary but generally falls within 1 to 2 grams for a mild-to-moderate experience and 2 to 3.5 grams for a stronger psychedelic journey. Start with 1 to 1.5 grams of Penis Envy and work your way up. It is essential to research and follow harm reduction practices and consider individual tolerance levels when determining the appropriate dose.

How long does the effect of Penis Envy mushrooms last?

The effects of Penis Envy mushrooms typically onset within 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion and can last between 4 to 6 hours. The peak of the experience usually occurs around 2 to 3 hours after consumption. However, individual responses may vary, and factors such as metabolism and dose can influence the duration of the effects.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with Penis Envy mushrooms?

Like other psychedelics, Penis Envy mushrooms carry potential risks and side effects. These can include intense psychedelic experiences, anxiety or paranoia, physical discomfort, emotional vulnerability, and the possibility of challenging or “bad trips.” It is crucial to approach the journey with proper preparation.

The legal status of Penis Envy mushrooms, as well as other psilocybin-containing mushrooms, varies across countries and jurisdictions. In some places, they are classified as illegal substances, while in others, they may be decriminalized or legally available for medical or religious purposes. It is essential to research and understand the specific legal regulations in your location before engaging with Penis Envy mushrooms. In the United States, mushrooms are Schedule I drugs on the federal level.

Can Penis Envy mushrooms be used for therapeutic purposes?

Psychedelics, including Penis Envy mushrooms, have shown promising potential for therapeutic applications. Research suggests that they may be effective in treating mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, it’s important to note that the therapeutic use of these substances should be conducted under the guidance of trained professionals in a controlled and supportive environment.

How do I cultivate Penis Envy mushrooms?

Cultivating Penis Envy mushrooms requires knowledge of mycology and specific cultivation techniques. It involves creating a suitable substrate, inoculating it with spores or mycelium, and providing optimal environmental conditions for growth. Beginners to mycology should get accustomed to the methodologies first with easier strains such as Golden Teachers or B+, and once comfortable, can begin cultivating Penis Envies.

Can I consume Penis Envy mushrooms if I’m on medication?

It is important to exercise caution when combining psychedelics, including Penis Envy mushrooms, with medication. It has been shown that it is generally safe to take psychedelics with SSRIs. MAOIs may prolong the experience. There may be certain interactions with antibiotics. It is strongly advised to consult with a healthcare professional or medical expert who is knowledgeable about psychedelic interactions and can provide guidance based on your specific medication regimen.

How should I prepare for a journey with Penis Envy mushrooms?

Preparation is key to having a positive and meaningful experience with Penis Envy mushrooms. It is recommended to create a safe and comfortable environment, set intentions for the journey, and engage in activities such as meditation, journaling, or connecting with nature beforehand. Additionally, having a trusted trip sitter or guide who is experienced with psychedelics can provide support and guidance throughout the journey.

Can I combine Penis Envy mushrooms with other substances?

Combining Penis Envy mushrooms with other substances, including alcohol or other drugs, can have unpredictable effects and increase the risks associated with psychedelic experiences. Cannabis can have synergistic effects, but can amplify the experience, so it should only be done by experienced users. It is generally recommended to avoid combining substances to ensure a clear and safe experience. If you have any specific concerns or questions about potential interactions, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable harm reduction resource.

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